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Omni Dental
2207 2nd Avenue
Seattle, Washington
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​I come from a family of tradesmen, enjoy working with my hands, and pay extra attention to the finer details. Dentistry is a science and an art form, as well as a way to connect with and serve others. It is a natural fit for who I am: my interests, skills, and passions. Having a practice in downtown Seattle enables me to meet and get to know a diverse group of people. I enjoy learning about the experiences and interests of other people, hearing about their lives and goals, and sharing who I am. Each conversation gives me greater insight into how I can best help that individual, while also broadening my understanding of our community. I am honored when someone allows me to care for their smile. I take that responsibility seriously, and always consider what is in the person’s best interests — now and for the future. Education I hold a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Colorado, where I graduated with honors. Dental school gave me a solid foundational understanding of oral health concerns, as well as proven approaches to addressing issues. However, dentistry is a constantly advancing field: ongoing research leads to a greater understanding of dental concerns and how best to treat problems. The development of new techniques, improved materials, and revolutionary technologies means more options to deliver better service, quality, and efficiency.

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  • Reviewed on January 29th, 2021  •  Verified patient
    Great staff and environment. Super helpful and really seemed to care about my journey on a better mouth.
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