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Let us help you find the perfect dentist


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We are honoured you have chosen us for your journey to beauty and wellness. Our goal is to create a centre of excellence by bringing together a wide array of expertise in our state-of-the-art, result driven facility. By marrying non surgical cosmetic skin rejuvenation, laser technologies, and laser and cosmetic reconstructive dentistry , we strive to provide a unified multidisciplinary approach that will create the best outcome for your image enhancement experience. Our focus is on providing a holistic insight for your lifestyle; by imbibing humanistic values of active listening and sharing, our talented team members look forward to serving you with compassion and discretion. Please share with us your special desires and dreams for yourself and let us help you achieve success in all your personal development endeavors.

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  • Reviewed on October 4th, 2013  •  Verified patient
    I've been going to Dr. Kassam for many years and he is absolutely fantastic! Super friendly, very gentle, and completely pain free. I highly reccomend!
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