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Best rated of 2020 - Family Doctors in Miami, FL

Here are the top family doctors in Miami as rated by the Miami community. These family doctors have received the best reviews and they are currently accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment today!

Asclepius Medical, Inc.

8740 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33174
Asclepius Medical, Inc., is a cutting-edge medical center Miami residents can visit if they want to experience top-rated primary care services that cover the healthcare needs of people across all ages. Led by a doctor in Miami that merges compassion and excellence in practice, this medical clinic emphasizes customer satisfaction and positive experience, with health promotion and disease prevention playing key roles in the overall care.

Premier Value Family Medicine

8348 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155
If in search for one of the leading and highly recommended Miami medical clinics with the top doctors in Miami, Premier Value Family Medicine is the medical facility all clients are looking for. Manned by the leading Miami doctors, this center offers well-rounded treatment regimens in Miami family medicine practice. This clinic is considered one of the leading providers of care for all medical cases utilizing the latest technologies.

Primenet Medical Management

13760 Southwest 56th Street, Miami, FL 33175
Primenet Medical Management is a family-owned medical facility that has been providing comprehensive patient care since 1989. Its team of Miami doctors is committed to putting the health and well-being of their patients above all else. This family clinic is composed of respected doctors in Miami FL such as Dr. Albites, Dr. Fernandez, and Dr. Mendez-Irizarry. Together they provide excellent care in three conveniently placed clinics in Miami.

Rene J. Garcia's Practice

10260 Southwest 56th Street, Miami, FL 33165
Among the award-winning, experienced and reputable doctors in Miami Beach, Rene J. Garcia is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. This family medicine doctor received his medical degree from Universidad Central del Este Facultad de Medicina. He has been serving his patients for more than 2 decades. He is trained and skilled to meet the diverse health care needs of children and families.

Valencia Medical Center

9804 Southwest 40th Street, Miami, FL 33165
A premier medical center for family practice and with a highly skilled and trusted doctor Miami has today, Valencia Medical Center provides multidisciplinary care plans for all medical emergencies. Manned by the best doctors in Miami, this highly recommended clinic delivers comprehensive assessment and diagnosis before starting any treatment regimen. With constant health teachings, this clinic encourages clients to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Chandrakant Shah's Practice

13033 Southwest 112th Street, Suite 245, Miami, FL 33186
Dubbed as one of the best doctors Miami is truly proud of, Dr. Chandrakant Shah offers well-rounded treatment regimens for all family medical emergencies. A highly skilled and dedicated family doctor Miami has today, Dr. Shah's practice makes sure that all objectives of care are well addressed. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in the provision of care, all patients are assured that only high-quality services are delivered.

The Children Medical Center Group

8300 Southwest 8th Street, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33144
A premier Miami medical center for pediatric patients, with some of the best doctors in Miami FL, The Children Medical Center Group offers excellent and well-rounded treatment regimens for medical emergencies, especially for pediatric clients. Considered as one of the highly recommended and trusted pediatric clinics in Miami, this center makes sure that only high-quality and safe services in family practice are delivered to patients.

Nancy Eklund Md Pa

9085 Southwest 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33176
Dr. Nancy Eklund M.D. is one of the famous doctors in Miami. Her fame comes from her excellent service combined with her evident expertise in medicine. Dr. Eklund has been actively practicing medicine as a family doctor in Miami for years. Her holistic approach in treatment aims to give patients not just an immediate relief for their condition, but also overall improved health. Dr. Eklund makes sure to use personalized care for each patient.

Jorge L Perez Do Pa

3600 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33135
Dr. Jorge L. Perez has been sharing his medical proficiency with the community of Miami for years. Until today, there has yet to be a doctor in Miami family medicine to competently address patients' concerns with as much patience and compassion as Dr. Perez. His skills have not dwindled as he aged; they have only improved as he got older. His vast experience makes him highly capable in giving treatment for anything patients show him.

Tenet Florida Physician Services

2601 Southwest 37th Avenue, Miami, FL 33133
Tenet Florida Physician Services have some of the best doctors in Miami. These doctors believe only in giving patients the best that they deserve. This family practice is committed to providing patients with the best healthcare that is most convenient. Doctors here can assure this because they remain diligent in keeping up with the latest studies of medicine. At Tenet Florida Physician Services, improvement of life is guaranteed.

Dade Medical Associates believes in education. Dade doctors in Miami continue educating themselves to better cater to each patient that comes their way. They educate patients on ways to improve health and to stay healthy. It is their hope that education will change their patients' outlook on health, which will lead to better and longer lives. This Miami family medicine clinic strives to enhance​ health through proper treatment and education.

Mones Alhambra Family Practice has only passionate doctors. They have the passion for customer care and satisfaction. These Miami doctors are prompt in attending to patients; they will not keep patients waiting. These doctors take their time in the examination; they want to be thorough. Above all, these doctors patiently explain a condition and the treatment plan that will be taken. Patients can't help but trust this Miami family medicine clinic.


1717 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132
MboD is a Miami family medicine clinic that provides a spa-like environment. It has mixed the relaxing ambiance of a spa into a medical clinic, making it a medical spa. At MboD, doctors want to lessen the stress patients experience at clinics and everyday life. Aside from this, rest assured that this medical spa has the best doctors in Miami and only state-of-the-art equipment is used to serve patients.

Charles Yanes Md Pa

1533 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143
Dr. Charles Yanes is a doctor in Miami who shows genuine compassion for all the people in his clinic. In his Miami family medicine clinic, Dr. Yanes maintains a friendly disposition with his patients. He takes the time to understand each patient's concerns and acts accordingly to address them. This doctor in Miami is also notably kind to his staff and fellow doctors. As a result, they maintain the same attitude, forming a very welcoming clinic.

Kendall Medical Center

11120 North Kendall Drive, Miami, FL 33176
Kendall Medical Center has some of the best doctors in Miami. At KMC, it is not difficult to set appointments even for emergencies. A doctor from KMC will always make time to see a patient and address his or her concern. This is the kind of care that KMC promises all its patients. Patients will always be tended to by highly competent doctors as soon as possible. KMC has a multitude of loyal patients which have been earned for good reason.

Stephanie Duncan Garcia Do Pa

2701 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33129
Stephanie Duncan Garcia, D.O., P.A., is a family doctor in Miami. Dr. Duncan provides primary care to her patients by taking time in doing a thorough examination to ensure that she addresses the source of the patient's ailment. After which she properly assesses the best and personalized treatment for the patient. Prior to the appointment, Dr. Duncan and her staff assure ease in their waiting area with comfortable couches and easy listening music.

Michael L. Ross's Practice

8200 Southwest 117th Avenue, Miami, FL 33183
Dr. Michael L. Ross of Ross Medical Group has been practicing family medicine for over 25 years. His family practice holds some of the best doctors in Miami that cater to patients in a traditional manner, but with the use of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality service from its doctors. Patients find this clinic appealing not just because of the free Wi-Fi and covered parking, but mainly because of the compassionate service they receive.

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