Find the top-rated primary care doctors in San Antonio

Edmundo Reveron-Questell's Practice

11403 O'Connor Road, Suite 108, San Antonio, TX 78233
One of the leading San Antonio family physicians, heading one of the renowned and highly recommended medical clinics in San Antonio, Dr. Edmundo Reveron-Questell offers well-managed treatment plans for all medical complaints. Promoting patient-centered approaches, with excellent physician reviews, Dr. Questell's practice makes sure that proper assessment and diagnosis are done before starting any treatment regimen.

Bernice Gonzalez's Practice

2520 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78215
Bernice Gonzalez is one of the best family doctors in San Antonio with many years of experience. This renowned family doctor is a board-certified and diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine. She offers her patients with the most advanced testing tools and the best quality health care. She is dedicated to providing quality preventive medicine to help improve the lives of her patients and their families.

Hernan A. Salazar, DO

8600 Wurzbach Road, Suite 1206, San Antonio, TX 78240
If in search for one of the leading and highly skilled doctors in San Antonio, Dr. Hernan Salazar is the physician all clients are looking for. Heading a renowned medical clinic San Antonio has today, Dr. Salazar offers cost-effective and well-rounded treatment regimens for the management of all medical emergencies. With very good doctor ratings, Dr. Salazar is dubbed as one of the best family medical care providers.

Shamsa Saleem's Practice

14100 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX 78247
When in need of either a San Antonio health clinic or primary doctor, patients shall consider the reputation of the establishment or the professional. Shamsa Saleem is a dependable doctor who is recognized in being capable of helping a number of people from getting sick. She has a family medical clinic that provides treatment solutions to various kinds of diseases. This San Antonio doctor offers relief from coughs, colds, and more.

Stephen F. Ramirez, M.D., P.A.

109 Gallery Circle, San Antonio, TX 78258
Stephen F. Ramirez, MD, founder of Stone Oak Family Practice, is a man who truly loves his job. As with any other passion, it was something this family doctor in San Antonio couldn’t hide. At his San Antonio family practice, he shows his passion for his craft and patients in the first-rate care he provides. He gives emphasis on proactive health care to prevent and detect illnesses early on. See the man recognized as a "Super Doctor" by his peers.

Heather Mckenzie's Practice

111 Dallas Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
Dr. Heather Mckenzie offers top-of-the-class techniques and procedures in family practice San Antonio patients can take advantage of. A highly recommended family doctor San Antonio patients have been putting their trust on, Dr. Mckenzie's practice makes sure that all client demands and needs are provided. Services in family medicine are delivered through the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies.

Michael Liu's Practice

5720 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78238
A well-rounded family physician San Antonio patients can definitely trust, Dr. Michael Liu is best known for his provision of client-centered and cost-effective care for the management of medical complaints presented. One of the leading family doctors in San Antonio TX, Dr. Liu's practice makes sure that complete evaluation and diagnosis are done for every case. These services are implemented via cutting-edge technologies.

Michael Arriens's Practice

7616 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78251
Dr. Michael Arrien, one of the most recommended San Antonio physicians, utilizes the latest technologies when implementing care. From the group of the best doctors in San Antonio, Dr. Arrien's practice is recommended due to the provision of appropriate care in a patient-centered and holistic manner. A family practitioner who considers all patients as the number one priority, Dr. Arrien's practice is considered one of the leading in San Antonio.

Alvin Marx's Practice

511 Mirepoix, San Antonio, TX 78232
Dr. Alvin Marx, one of the most trusted doctors San Antonio has today, offers innovative services when managing medical emergencies. Implementing top-of-the-class family medicine San Antonio residents can take advantage of, Dr. Marx's practice is well known and well recommended. With the utilization of the latest technologies, Dr. Marx's practice is able to deliver appropriate and complete care to all patients.

Spiro Ioannidis's Practice

2425 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78229
Spiro Loannidis' Practice is home to San Antonio Family Physicians. It consists of a team of family doctors who provide a variety of services related to family medicine. In addition, these doctors in San Antonio are well-experienced to tackle a wide range of health care problems. As a primary health care provider, this San Antonio medical clinic that takes pride in contributing to the overall health care of its clients.

Robert Bonar's Practice

902 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78228
Dr. Robert Bonar is a renowned San Antonio family physician that heads one of the most recommended medical clinics San Antonio has today. Delivering top-of-the-class approaches in family practice San Antonio TX patients can avail of, Dr. Bonar's practice is dubbed one of the leading doctors in San Antonio today. With excellent physician ratings, all patients are assured that proper care and procedures will be delivered.

Beverley L. Henwood's Practice

9240 Guilbeau Road, San Antonio, TX 78250
Dr. Beverley Henwood is a highly skilled doctor in San Antonio that delivers innovative approaches and techniques in family medicine. When wanting to find a doctor San Antonio residents can definitely recommend, Dr. Henwood is the right doctor every patient is looking for. Dr. Henwood's practice makes use of cutting-edge technologies for the implementation of care and procedures, in return helping clients achieve optimum wellness.

Edmundo Oscar Garcia's Practice

9673 Marbach Road, San Antonio, TX 78245
Achieve excellent medical health today with Dr. Edmundo Oscar Garcia. One of the most recommended and board-certified family doctors in San Antonio, Dr. Garcia builds an ongoing relationship and partnership with all his patients. Highly dedicated, Dr. Garcia effectively treats minor disorders before they develop into serious problems. He is affiliated with Harlingen Medical Center, Rio Grande Regional Hospital, and Valley Baptist Medical Center.

Leonel Reyes's Practice

515 Camden Street, San Antonio, TX 78215
Getting the best state of health should never be that expensive. Providing patient-centered and cost-effective primary care approaches, Dr. Leonel Reyes is a family doctor San Antonio has today who devotes himself to the provision of well-rounded health care for patients and families. Dr. Reyes's practice includes not only the treatment but also the prevention of acute and chronic medical conditions.

Julian R. Cantu Jr.'s Practice

600 Division Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78214
Achieving the best state of health should never be that expensive. A strong statement Dr. Julian Cantu Jr. greatly believes in. One of the top San Antonio family physicians, Dr. Cantu Jr. promotes cost-effective and patient-centered approaches in a calm and friendly clinic environment. With an excellent overall patient review, this family doctor in San Antonio is sharply focused on adapting to the needs of patients, old and new.

Emilio B. Apostol's Practice

730 Tower of the Americas Way, San Antonio, TX 78205
Dr. Emilio Apostol is one of the leading San Antonio family physicians who never fails to provide top-of-the-line care to all patients' medical emergencies. Dr. Apostol's practice utilizes state-of-the-art technologies when delivering procedures. Managing one of the trusted med clinics San Antonio TX patients can definitely trust, Dr. Apostol's practice makes sure that all patients are cared for appropriately.

Laura Miramontes Perez's Practice

4243 East Southcross Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78222
Dr. Laura Miramontes Perez is a well-commended family doctor San Antonio patients can put their trust on. One of the top physicians in San Antonio TX, Dr. Perez's practice is well recognized due to the implementation of innovative approaches delivered via the latest technologies. Dr. Perez's practice is constantly on the top choices of patients in San Antonio. Making sure that health needs are met, patients are assured that proper care is given.