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Thousands of patients find their dentist on Opencare every month. Grow your practice by joining our network of dentists that deliver exceptional patient experiences.

The only risk-free patient acquisition solution for dentists.

High-quality patients

We match high quality patients that are well-suited to your practice, while decreasing cancellation and no-show rates.

Guaranteed results

We remove all the risks associated with marketing. Unlike other solutions, with Opencare you only pay when you actually see patients.

Managed for you

We take care of everything when it comes to growing your practice so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Of all the services we've tried, Opencare has delivered by far the highest return on investment.

Dr. Hammad Afif, DDS

Waterview Dental

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Opencare is currently available in the Chicago Metropolitan Area and the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us to learn when we launch in your area as we are quickly rolling out our service to new cities.

Opencare works exclusively with dentists focused on delivering a great patient experience. In order to qualify, your practice must have a track record of positive patient reviews and it must offer a comfortable environment for patients. Opencare does not accept dentists with an history of malpractice on its service.

We work around the clock to balance the volume of dental appointments with sufficient dentist availability in each location. Rest assured that we only accept new dentists on Opencare when we experience increased dentist searches in your area.

Our innovative pricing model ensures that dentists only pay after new patients receive dental care. Pricing depends on a few of factors such as your practice location and your participation in insurance networks. Contact us to get a personalized quote for your practice.

Our team reviews all dentist applications within 24 hours. Once your practice has been approved to join, we will schedule a short visit to your office within one week. You will be ready to receive your first patient shortly after our visit.