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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Experience has taught us that people matter most. That's why our mission is to care for your most precious sense, sight, while providing an experience that you will want to share with others. ClearVue Eye Care is a full-scope eyecare practice providing everything from annual eye health evaluations to disease and surgery management. We offer the most comprehensive Vision Therapy Clinic in the Northern Central Valley, helping both children and adults with complex vision needs. We can even handle eyecare emergencies, saving you a long wait in the ER. We have decades of combined experience with both LASIK and cataract surgery, and our opticians and technicians can handle all of your eyewear and contact lens needs, helping you look good, feel good, and see well.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

We are proud of providing and educating our community in the need of vision therapy for people of all ages, especially young children that are struggling in school. There's more to good vision than just 20/20... The American Optometric Association recognizes the following basic vision abilities required for school: Distance Visual Acuity (ability to see 20/20 beyond arm’s length) Near Visual Acuity (ability to see clearly and comfortably at 10-13 inches) Eye Movement Control/Tracking (smooth and accurate movement of the eyes across the page) Binocularity (ability to use the two eyes together as a team for single vision and stereo depth perception) Focusing (ability to read for a period of time without fatigue and the ability to rapidly change focus from dark board and back) Peripheral Awareness (ability to be aware of things on the side while looking straight ahead) Eye/Hand Coordination (the use of the eyes and the hands together) Students who are labeled as "lazy" or "learning-disabled" often have vision-related learning issues, or deficiencies in one or more of the above criteria, that can be addressed with vision therapy. Vision therapy strengthens and coordinates eye muscles to improve tracking, focusing, binocular vision and visual processing, making it easier to read and easier to learn. Dr. Leanne Liddicoat, F.C.O.V.D, is specially trained and certified in Developmental Optometry and together our vision therapists, provides vision therapy for children and adults, including those with Autism Spectrum disorders. Vision therapy begins with a comprehensive eye evaluation, and a Visual Skills Evaluation (VSE) with Dr. Liddicoat. After initial evaluation, we tailor a vision therapy program to meet your individual needs as you work with a specially-trained vision therapist. Click here to see the whole process. If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact our vision therapist, Lindsey Gonzales directly at lindsey@clearvue.org

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