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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Here at Peak Physical Therapy our goal is to achieve maximal functional results! To this end, we try to spend at least an hour with each of our patients every visit. We also are committed to treating the underlying cause rather than simply focusing on the symptoms so you do not have to experience your pain again in the future.

Providers at this location

Stephanie Lewis
Timothy Bonack's Practice
5265 North Academy Boulevard, Suite 1500
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dr. William Holderbaum, DDS
1870 Dublin Boulevard, Suite D
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Balance Point Rehabilitation
7606 North Union Boulevard, Suite F
Colorado Springs, Colorado
George Orthodontics
7770 North Union Boulevard, Suite B
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Steven Enea, DDS
1975 Dominion Way, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dominion Chiropractic
1970 Dominion Way
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Active Healing Chiropractic Clinic
1965 Dominion Way, Suite 130
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thornally Chiropractic Center
6189 Lehman Drive, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado