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Quality rehab is a therapist owned clinic that provides state of the art manual therapy by licensed therapist with over 20 years experience. Our rehabilitation protocols combine one-on-one "hands on" treatments with specific selection of comprehensive therapeutic modalities and exercises appropriate for each patient. Our staff prides itself on providing the highest standard of patient care with a kind and caring attitude. Patients are received and treated in a timely manner, as well as insured a cost effective treatment on behalf of insurance carriers, companies, and private payees.

Providers at this location

Yi Su Park
Dr. Lonnie E. Olsen, DDS
3612 Galley Road, Suite D
Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Center for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
1714 North Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Optimum Health Center
1809 North Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thomas Slack's Practice
2504 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Suite 301
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Brinton Family Dentistry
1711 North Murray Boulevard
Colorado Springs, Colorado
A Family Health & Wellness Center
1819 N Circle Dr, Suite 8
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ann E. Carlisle's Practice
1101 North Meade Avenue, Suite None
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Summit Eye Care and Laser Center
1605 North Union Boulevard, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, Colorado