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Best rated of 2020 - Physical Therapists in Dallas, TX

Here are the top rated physical therapists in Dallas, TX as rated by the community. These Dallas professionals have received great reviews from customers for physical therapy related appointments. Find out who made the cut and book your appointment today!
Maximum Impact Physical Therapy in Dallas, TX houses great physical therapists. They are Richard Lowlicht and Darren Bayliss. They promise a multi-faceted treatment approach that offers individualized care to patients because they believe that each person has unique health conditions so the root cause of pain should be the primary concern, not just the symptoms. With this, quick and lasting results are given to every patient.

Dallas physical therapy practitioner, Richard Merbler, provides assessment, treatment and prevention of sports and recreational injuries as well as aches and pains. This Dallas physical therapist offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the community not exclusive to conditions such as rotator cuff tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, patella tendonitis, ankle sprains and strains and a lot more.

Summit Physical Therapy P A

17817 Davenport Rd, Suite 230, Dallas, TX 75252
Fyzical and Balance Center, a clinic of physical therapy in Dallas, focuses on finding the root cause of a patient's symptoms so that they can correct it in the most efficient way. They are a small group of highly trained and skilled physical therapists who are dedicated to upholding patient care as their top priority. Their resident physical therapist, Teena James Petree, specializes in pelvic floor dysfunctions. Services include manual therapy.

Suggs Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Services, P.C.

12810 Hillcrest Road, Suite B-100, Dallas, TX 75230
Suggs Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Services or SPOTS is the premier Physical Therapy Center in Dallas that meets a variety of therapeutic needs for children. They believe that each child deserves their full potential for future success. Anna Kate Brown, dedicated and highly remarkable Dallas physical therapist, helps the center attain its goal in developing child's skills necessary for success in everyday performances.


3131 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite 615, Dallas, TX 75219
3DPT or 3D Physical Therapy Dallas is a clinic that helps people to feel great again through principles of development, design, and direction to create a safe, healing environment that fosters comfort, vision and hope that ultimately returns clients to their full functional potential. They offer advanced physical therapy to their clients through revolutionary approaches to rehabilitation and training.

Lone Star Physical Therapy

10300 North Central Expressway, Suite 171, Dallas, TX 75231
A highly prestigious physical therapist in Dallas, Dr. Jeana Elizabeth Fulenwider is practicing her craft in Lone Star Physical Therapy clinic. Her expertise in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment of movement disorders of the body. They usually get visits from those experiencing pain, decreased function with their daily activities for physical therapy specialties. They also accept outpatient physical therapy services.

The most of Physical Therapy in Dallas TX can be found in the Institute for Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation because of their wide range of specialists in physical therapy. They offer advanced physical therapy for different fields like sports, pediatrics, performance, outpatient and inpatient care, geriatrics, travel, and many more. They practice various techniques in order to bring out the best quality treatments for their patients.

High Five Physical Therapy

12222 North Central Expressway, Suite 115, Dallas, TX 75243
High Five Physical Therapy in Dallas, TX provides high quality and comprehensive professional care to patients in and outside Dallas. Through the treatments and therapies given by its excellent physical therapists, better quality of life is assured to patients. The clinic's physical therapists are Helga Perez, Nathaniel Ried, and Trupti Bakshi. These health professionals are experienced in treating conditions like body pains and injuries.

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation offers the best of physical therapy in Dallas, TX. This clinic offers a variety of therapy services for patients suffering from physical conditions related to aging, gender, illness, and injury. Its physical therapists are AJ Deo and Michael Losito. This clinic is equipped with a treadmill, elliptical, shuttle, upright and recumbent bikes, traction (cervical/lumbar), free weights and more.

North Texas Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

7120 Campbell Rd, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75248
With a team of dedicated professionals, North Texas Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is a family-oriented facility that provides high-quality rehabilitation through hands-on individualized care and state of the art equipment. This clinic is a premier Dallas physical therapy center and home to a highly skilled physical therapist in Dallas committed to helping patients achieve optimum results the soonest time possible.

Alejandro Saenz's Practice

2301 South Hampton Road, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75224
Alejandro Saenz is a highly trusted physical therapist Dallas has today. Leading one of the highly recommended physical therapy clinics in Dallas TX, Alejandro Saenz provides unmatched services for the management of all physical therapy cases. Alejandro Saenz's practice also offers well-rounded and professional physical therapy techniques and approaches, making sure that all client needs are met and addressed.

Samuel Ahn's Practice

2710 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite 104, Dallas, TX 75207
Dr. Samuel Ahn owns a physical therapy in Dallas TX with the goal of providing patients the adequate time and service they deserve. A maximum of six patients is scheduled per day. Dr. Ahn makes sure that each patient is given the best physiotherapy by doing a thorough examination with each patient appointment; from finding the source of the issue to assessing the best treatment, up to educating the patient in the prevention of the issue.


5720 Interstate 635 Service Rd, Suite 190, Dallas, TX 75240
RehabCare provides rehabilitation for patients in speech, occupational, and physical therapy. As part of a prominent healthcare facility, RehabCare makes sure to keep their reputation intact simply by providing the best care possible. Dallas physical therapy takes a leap forward because of RehabCare, making sure to reach the standards that have been set. A Dallas physical therapist of this clinic helps patients return mobility into their lives.

Premier Dallas physical therapy center, Southwest Sports & Spine, keeps the goal of getting patients back to doing what they love as their number one priority. A physical therapist in Dallas clinic Southwest Sports & Spine keeps things simple yet effective with programs that get patients back to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible. Therapists here also keep working hours to be very accommodating of patients' busy schedules.

Baylor Institute For Rehabilitation Outpatient Services offers specialty programs, including Real Life Rehab, Adaptive Driving, Aquatics and Day Neuro. This premier Dallas physical therapy clinic is led by a trusted physical therapist Dallas patients can rely on for therapy services for conditions related to illness, injury, medical treatment, age, and gender. Their team of professional therapists help improve patients’ lives.

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