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Suggs Pediatric Outpatient Therapy Services, P.C.

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SPOTS is the premier Occupational and Physical Therapy Center in the Dallas Fort Worth area focusing on sensorimotor, gross motor, fine motor, visual motor coordination, ocular-motor, and visual perceptual skill development. Our main clinic and in school clinics (located at the private schools of Oakhill and Winston) meet a variety of theraputic needs for children in the Park Cities, Preston Hollow and North Dallas Area. At SPOTS, our goal is to help your child develop the skills necessary for success in everyday, functional tasks such as play, social interactions, self-help skills, and school performance. We are passionate about children and believe that each child deserves to meet their full potential for future success.

Providers at this location

Anna Kate Brown
Jennifer Suggs
Cynthia Montana
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WellSpring Pain Center
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Randall Dental Associates (Dallas)
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John Grinaldi D.D.S.
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