Find the top-rated physical therapists in Denver

BodyIntel, LLC

1574 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210
Physical therapy in Denver is even better with BodyIntel. It provides specialized physical therapy services that address injury rehabilitation and prevention. Its team of Denver physical therapists use a team approach that incorporates physical therapy, Pilates, and massage. Physical therapist Tiffany Watson specializes in active release technique, acupuncture, and other treatments for arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries and pains.


1780 South Bellaire Street, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80222
Denver South Chiropractic and Rehab is a top Denver physical therapy clinic specializing in treating back pain, neck pain, headache, scoliosis, and auto accident injuries. This clinic is most sought-after for various physical therapy needs because the clinic houses superb Denver physical therapists. It also provides clients with budget-friendly convenience, as the clinic accepts most health insurance plans and all auto accident claims.

Back to Motion Physical Therapy

616 Washington Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80203
Back to Motion Physical Therapy is a Denver physical therapy clinic that provides advanced physical therapy programs to its clients. The clinic gives clients the prerogative to choose among its accelerated physical therapy services, which are tailored to individual needs. For those who need physical therapy in Denver, recovery from injuries is now possible because of the services offered by this clinic.

LoHi Physical Therapy

1525 Raleigh Street, Suite 210, Denver, CO 80204
People find physical therapy in Denver CO as an excellent experience for achieving full functionality. This is why Denver physical therapists in LoHi Physical Therapy are always in demand. Some of the clinic's popular services are manual physical therapy, occupational therapy / certified hand therapy, specific exercise programs, posture and movement training, and running well (video-taped analysis/training).

Advanced Rehabilitation

576 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
The best in Denver physical therapy can be found in Advanced Rehabilitation. This physical therapy clinic has highly-experienced physical therapists who use personalized services to efficiently cater to the needs of their patients. Each physical therapy assistant provides prompt professional service; each client gets treated to a warm welcome that suits the relaxing atmosphere of the clinic. The facility also provides chiropractic services.

Rocky Mountain Spine and Sports Medicine

650 S Cherry St, Denver, CO 80246
The best physical therapist Denver has to offer is in Rocky Mountain Spine and Sports Medicine. Denver physical therapist Mathew Haager provides specialized physical therapy and other treatments for work-related injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis. Dr. Haager, an experienced physical therapist in Denver, specializes in Trigger Point Dry Needle, Therapeutic Exercise, Sports Rehabilitation, and Soft-Tissue Manipulation.

Body In Balance Physical Therapy

3919 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212
Body In Balance Physical Therapy in Denver offers services that help clients recover from injury. Its premier physical therapy services alleviate chronic pain and rehabilitate sports-related injuries. The physical medicine and rehabilitation program in this Denver physical therapy facility helps clients to live a better, pain-free life. Its Denver physical therapists combine a series of programs for rehabilitation.

Level 3 Fitness

6795 East Tennessee Avenue, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80224
Physical therapy in Denver is offered by Level 3 Fitness. They use the 3D function of the client's body to ensure lasting results. The Denver physical therapists promise one-to-one interactions with the client, hence, each one is assured of the quality of care they receive. With the advancements and latest techniques they have, they are considered one of the best physical therapy centers in the area.

All Pro Physical Therapy

1776 South Jackson Street, Suite 701, Denver, CO 80210
All Pro Physical Therapy is a highly developed wellness facility which is a leading source of specialized physical therapy Denver patients trust and prefer. Through a manual therapy approach, patients with conditions hindering optimal mobility and function, such as back and neck pain, shoulder pain, TMJ disorders, sciatica, and other musculoskeletal impairments, can benefit from its exceptional and professional physical therapy modalities.

Cain Chiropractic, PC

1720 South Bellaire Street, Suite 1210, Denver, CO 80222
Dr. Karen Cain is a talented Denver physical therapy practitioner who can definitely help those who want to recover from acute or chronic injuries. She offers advanced physical therapy and professional physiotherapy services guaranteed to make every client feel great and experience the full health benefits of a tension- and stress-free life. She is one of the most trusted names in massage therapy and physical therapy in Denver.

Washington Park Wellness Center

1711 South Pearl Street, Suite 303-733-5255, Denver, CO 80210
Washington Park Wellness Center is a Denver physical therapy clinic that offers several premier physical therapy services for people suffering from body pains. The sports physical therapy it offers is sustainable for the health and well-being of clients. Because of Washington Park Wellness Center, physical therapy in Denver has never been better. The clinic makes use of a holistic approach to address the overall needs of its clients.

Maximize Life Chiropractic

845 S Federal Blvd, Suite B, Denver, CO 80219
A premier center for specialized physical therapy in Denver CO where clients can find a trusted, experienced, and well-recognized physical therapist, Maximize Life Chiropractic offers top-of-the-line approaches for all physical therapy concerns. Promoting only the best when it comes to physical therapy techniques, this clinic takes pride of its innovative treatment regimens using state-of-the-art technologies.

Martin Lavine Physical Therapy

38 East 5th Avenue, Suite 180, Denver, CO 80203
Those wanting to experience the finest physical therapy Denver CO has today should head over to Martin Lavine Physical Therapy. This health and wellness center helps patients bring back previous maximal functioning, mobility, and strength through the provision of a comprehensive physical therapy. Patients that will benefit from this therapy include those with sports and work injuries, back and neck pain, and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Denver Physical Therapy- CAC

1630 Welton St, 7th Floor, Denver, CO 80202
Denver Physical Therapy- CAC, a center for physical therapy in Denver CO, is a premier physical therapy clinic in the heart of Denver. Manned by‚Äč a line of professionals that will cater to all clients' needs, this clinic is considered as one of the go-to clinics in Denver. Specializing in advanced physical therapy techniques, this clinic provides only the best when it comes to physical therapy techniques and approaches.

Functional Physical Therapy

3441 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212
Functional Physical Therapy is a well-recognized treatment facility known for being an exceptional provider of physical therapy Denver Colorado patients can fully rely on. Its qualified and highly skilled therapists look beyond just the symptom of pain and delve deeper into the root cause of the injury using manual approach and physical therapy exercises for a lasting relief from pain and total recovery from injury.

Therahand Physical Therapy

3545 S Tamarac Dr, Suite 170, Denver, CO 80237
Therahand Physical Therapy is a top-caliber Denver physical therapy center dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness through inclusive and integrated care services. With a clinician belonging to the premier physical therapists Denver presently has, it is able to provide advanced physical therapy to help patients with conditions such as neck/back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, stress, and strains, among many other pain-causing conditions.

Cherry Creek Wellness Center

425 S Cherry St, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80246
Cherry Creek Wellness Center is a center for physical therapy in Denver Colorado that offers a wide array of physical therapy services. A clinic where clients can find one of the best physical therapists in Denver, this center takes pride in its provision of personalized, hands-on care for every client. Making sure that every demand is addressed, this clinic only applies research-based treatment approaches via the latest technologies.

Colorado Spine Therapy

3900 East Mexico Avenue, 210, CENTERPOINT 1, Denver, CO 80210
Colorado Spine Therapy is a Denver physical therapy clinic for non-surgical spine and extremity patients. The clinic's Denver physical therapists employ non-surgical rehabilitation that addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual, nutritional, and ergonomic well-being of patients. They develop fitness and wellness programs suited for various lifestyles. Patients are at ease with this clinic because most health insurances are accepted here.

LoDo Physical Therapy

1401 17th Street, Suite 475, Denver, CO 80202
LoDo Physical Therapy is known for its excellent service and is recognized as the Patients' Choice in 2015 as one of the best in Denver physical therapy. At LoDo PT, only qualified physical therapists in Denver attend to patients. They give patients their complete focus to deliver personalized treatment. After over 12 years of clinical experience, LoDo PT is still dedicated to returning patients to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.