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-Move Easier -Feel Less Pain -Have More Energy! Do you have aches and pains associated with low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, foot pain, neck pain, migraines or headaches? Are you tired of spending another moment living in discomfort as your pain and symptoms worsen? Are you frustrated with taking pain medications? Have you been told you need an MRI or surgery for your pain and want a second opinion? Everything you have been looking for to relieve your pain and symptoms is here at LeBauer Physical Therapy in Greensboro, NC. We can help you live pain free, move easier and return the the activities that you enjoy. We are passionate about patient care and rely on our 13 years of experience to help you heal.

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Our highly skilled physical therapist provides fast and effective treatment for many conditions to help you experience less pain, move better, and feel great. We offer individualized 1-on-1 treatment sessions and specialize in myofascial release, individual yoga sessions, massage therapy and hands-on manual physical therapy.

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What People are saying about LeBauer Physical Therapy "Aaron makes traveling from Chapel Hill to see him well worth my time. Earlier this week, I showed up for help with a tear in my rotator cuff that has been slowing me down for weeks. After seeing Aaron, my pain got worse before it got better, but each day it was clear that it was improving. Today - only 4 days since Aaron worked with me - my shoulder is pain free. I've been putting it to the test too: vacuuming, mountain biking. Pain free! Sweet. Thanks, Aaron!" Owen Dodge

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