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Serenity Rehab and Wellness Center is an outpatient privately owned physical practice and wellness facility established in 2004. We set treatment programs that are designed to help individuals return to their prior level of function. Serenity Rehab and Wellness Center focuses on a team effort approach involving the goals of the patient into the treatment program. Our therapy program involves therapeutic exercises to help improve joint mobility and strength, modalities to help with pain relief and manual techniques to help relief tension and tightness in the muscles. Educating individuals in how to continue a pain free life by continuing with home exercise programs is a part of what we offer in the individual care of patients. After therapy ordered by your physician is complete, you can still continue with our economical 'Fit for Life' Wellness Program as a cash patient. Individuals can continue to enjoy the usage of all of the equipment in the therapy gym to focus on upper body strengthening, lower body strengthening, balance and stabilization, toning and weight loss. The wellness program is designed around the goals of the individual and is a self pace program that is monitored by the therapist.

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