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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

The significance of movement in our lives cannot be overstated. The name Power In Motion, was chosen as our logo and identity because it spoke less to us about the building up of the body’s strength, but more importantly; it conveyed to us the power and importance of moving forward in our lives. Leonardo da Vinci wrote about the importance of ‘motion’. He is quoted as having said the following: Motion. That is what life is about. Nothing stays the same, nor can anything remain unchanged. Remaining the same or seeking to, moves against the laws of life and nature. In this struggle…life will always win. To be unchanged is not to move. To not move, is to experience the loss of personal power and the richness of life. Moving forward in our lives when we are not well in Body / Mind / & Spirit can be difficult at best. All too often, life is not how it is “supposed to be”. It is the way it is. The way in which we cope with life and the obstacles that lie before us, are what make the difference in the movement and direction of our lives. It becomes the blueprint from which our lives are built and lived. You get to the mountain top one step at a time. You can take a break…but you must keep moving forward.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Testimonials "For more than 10 years, I traveled the country visiting ‘medical experts’ at Georgetown, Stanford Southern Cal. Medical Center, Mass. General, the Mayo Clinic, Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial & literally dozens searching for answers to the devastating symptoms of a brain concussion… doctors concluded that I was”healthy”… I “was imagining my symptoms”…it was “all in my head”. When I discovered Power In Motion… I had never met a group of medical professionals who were so caring, giving & understanding… an amazing healing facility. Miracles really do happen. The alternative medicine & unique therapies Power In Motion uses are very real. It cured me." - Stephen B., Evanston, IL "…suffering intestinal distress since my teens… my quality of life was often greatly diminished. Thanks to Power In Motion’s… understanding of the needs of my condition and through teaching my wife at-home techniques to perform that would maintain improvements… they have helped me to live a more normal life. I am grateful." - Mark B., Libertyville, IL.

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