Find the top-rated physical therapists in Miami, FL

Dr. Rivka Friedman

2142 NE 123rd St, Miami, FL 33181
Dr. Rivka Friedman, a physical therapist in Miami, completed numerous courses with the American Physical Therapy Association to help women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, pelvic pain, and pregnancy & postpartum related issues. Notably dedicated, Dr. Friedman has been a total relief to pregnant women's smooth vaginal delivery through professional physical therapy done on the latter months of pregnancy.

South Miami Sports Medicine

7000 Southwest 62nd Avenue, Suite 120, Miami, FL 33143
The largest number of sports physical therapists in Miami is in South Miami Sports Medicine, which offers utmost care in orthopedic services. These therapists are Maria Jesus Cuevas, Criseyde Brew, Rosa Quintero, Amanda Almirall, and Annabel Nunez, all focused on Miami physical therapy service excellence and patient satisfaction. Their primary concern is to treat sports-related injuries with the emerging state-of-the-art technology available.

Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy

6832 Southwest 81st Terrace, Miami, FL 33143
A first-rate Miami physical therapy clinic is Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy. It was formerly known as Miami Fit Body Boot Camp, but as years passed, the business evolved to include physical therapy. Miami physical therapist Armando Cruz is highly encouraging, as is the clinic's team. Each member supports each client reach their fitness goals. They help clients heal and develop the excitement to keep going to reach their fitness goals.

Downtown Sportfit Rehab & Training

200 S Biscayne Blvd, Suite 15-A, Miami, FL 33131
Downtown Sportfit Rehab & Training is a sports physical therapy center led by Miami physical therapist Lisa Kearns. Its South Miami physical therapy facility provides massage therapy to treat problems unresponsive to previous surgeries and medications. Dr. Kearns, along with a team of qualified physical therapists, also provides myofascial release, not only as a pain relief, but also as an effective way to achieve optimal health.

Dynamic Kids Consulting

2501 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127
If you are looking for the best physical therapy in Miami FL for your children, Dynamic Kids Consulting has it. Lead by physical therapist Diana G. Murphy, they focus on holistic and modern therapeutic approaches and you can be sure that your kids will receive the quality physical therapy Miami FL has to offer. They've provided great services for more than five years, it's no wonder this multi-sensory activity center is popular.

University of Miami Physical Therapy - Kendall Clinic

8980 SW 97th Ave, Miami, FL 33176
University of Miami Physical Therapy - Kendall Clinic is one of the leading providers of premier physical therapy in Miami FL.Their physical therapists are well equipped with special expertise in the movement and physical conditioning. Establishing a plan of care that is specific to the condition of every patient, these health professionals would definitely help in enabling them to return to their day to day routines.

Guillermo Gutierrez's Practice

8603 South Dixie Highway, Suite 308, Miami, FL 33156
Dade Physical Therapy, spearheaded by Guillermo Gutierrez, is one of the top Miami physical therapy offices whose goal is to provide the quality comprehensive physical therapy Miami FL has to offer. Having highly trained physical therapists enables them to implement their rehabilitation programs on a more hands on and personal manner which aides every patient all throughout the process and have the opportunity to enjoy their normal lives.

Keiko Fernandez's Practice

465 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131
Little Steps Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. is a pediatric physical therapy in Miami FL that specializes child's holistic development. They use a family-centered, multi-disciplinary, personal and age-appropriate approach that are aiming to reach every child's maximum developmental capabilities. They strongly believe that the involvement of the family in physical medicine and rehabilitation process plays an important part in the child's success.

Midalys Fernandez's Practice

2525 Southwest 75th Avenue, Miami, FL 33155
When looking for a premier physical therapist in Miami that provides one of the best physical therapy rehabilitation programs, Midalys Fernandez is one definite find! This physical therapist in Miami is also an expert in respiratory, developmental, rehabilitative and restorative service who aims to promote function and mobility; to restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and well-being of his clients.

Marsha Bennie's Practice

5950 SW 151st Court, Miami, FL 33193
One of the sought after provider of physical therapy in Miami FL. Marsha Bennie, BS, PT is well-equipped with the right knowledge specializing in physical therapy, respiratory, developmental, rehabilitative and restorative services. She provides the best physical therapy services aiming to help every client to reach his or her maximum potential and ultimately return back to the lifestyle they normally enjoy.

Kayla Chomko's Practice

1150 Northwest 14th Street, Miami, FL 33136
Kayla Chomko is a proud Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Miami Health System. Aside from being an expert in the field of movement sciences and physical therapy in Miami FL, she also caters to a wider range of potential patients because aside from English, she knows how to speak French and Spanish fluently as well. She focuses on developing treatment plans based upon each patient's strengths and weaknesses.

Teresita Lobon's Practice

14540 Southwest 153rd Terrace, Miami, FL 33177
Teresita Lobon is a highly skilled physical therapist Miami patients have been putting their trust on. Managing a renowned facility in physical therapy in Miami, Teresita Lobon's practice utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in delivering well-rounded care to patients. Highly trusted, Teresita Lobon's practice is considered one of the best when it comes to the management of all musculoskeletal emergencies.

Jorge Vinals's Practice

3341 Southwest 17th Street, Miami, FL 33145
Jorge Vinal is a trusted physical therapist Miami has today. Leading a premier center in physical therapy in Miami, Jorge Vinal's practice offers well-rounded services for all musculoskeletal cases. To make sure that patient-centered care is delivered to all patients, Jorge Vinal's practice utilizes innovative techniques implemented via state-of-the-art technologies. Highly skilled, Jorge Vinal's practice is considered one of the best in Miami.

Jennifer Gould's Practice

3270 Matilda Street, Miami, FL 33133
Managing a renowned Miami physical therapy facility, Jennifer Gould has been offering well-rounded and excellent physical therapy services to Miami patients for many years now. Jennifer Gould is a highly trusted physical therapist in Miami and is considered one of the best due to her utilization of evidence-based techniques and approaches. Jennifer Gould's practice makes sure that all client needs are met and addressed.

Felipe Otero's Practice

11028 Southwest 132nd Place, Miami, FL 33186
Dr. Felipe Otero is a physical therapist Miami has today who is changing the way Miami patients think about physical medicine and rehabilitation. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Otero offers advanced approaches in physical therapy in Miami FL, together with a better form of education that emphasizes the benefits and advantages of physical therapy. Get the most out of each and every visit. Check out Dr. Otero now.