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Hands On Health Manual & Physical Therapy Services LLC

300 E 5th Ave, Suite 235, Naperville, IL 60563
Naperville physical therapy clinic, Hands On Health Manual & Physical Therapy Services LLC, is a collaboration of professionals who provide a broad variety of gentle, effective manual treatments to children and adults. Premier specialist, Suzane Joseph Kupiszewski, for physical therapy Naperville is known for has treated chronic pain, birth trauma and spectrum disorders with manual therapy. Also aids temporo-mandibular disorders and fibromyalgia.

Emily Haglage's Practice

700 Rollingridge Road, Naperville, IL 60155
Naperville physical therapy clinic, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, is widely recognized as the regional leader in comprehensive orthopedic services. At Rush, Emily Haglage is one of the doctors of physical therapy Naperville is proud to have. She has a special interest in knee including patellofemoral pain, meniscus injuries, ligaments, arthritis and post-op total knee replacements using comprehensive physical therapy.