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Best of 2019 - Physical Therapists in Oakland, CA

Here is the definitive list of Oakland's physical therapists as rated by the Oakland, CA community. These professionals have received great reviews from customers for physical therapy related appointments. Find out who made the cut and schedule an appointment today!
Hands On Physical Therapy is an Oakland physical therapy clinic that has been providing years of excellent and unmatched approaches for all cases concerning the musculoskeletal system. This clinic not only offers advanced services in physical therapy Oakland residents can avail of but also delivers well-managed care plans for all physical therapy cases, be it sports-related injuries or other musculoskeletal emergencies.

Caroline Taylor's Practice

3718 Grand Avenue, Suite 15, Oakland, CA 94610
For a one-of-a-kind advanced physical therapy Oakland CA patients can take advantage of, come by Caroline Taylor's Practice. It is a state-of-the-art outpatient rehabilitative facility with specialists that are steadfast in providing the highest standards of care when implementing manual therapies and adjunctive corrective exercises to hasten recovery in patients limited by injuries and disorders in the soft tissues, muscles, and bones.

Somatics With Caroline Wright is an Oakland physical therapy clinic. She practices a select physical therapy called Somatics which retrains the brain to take control and release the tension caused by pain or sub-optimal movement patterns. This kind of physical therapy in Oakland has garnered the best results and positive reviews from patients. Feel the difference of Somatics and be free from discomfort or pain.
Chi Nei Tsang Institute is a physical therapy center in Oakland CA that carefully deals with their patients through a meticulous interview and assessment process to target the root cause of the problem. In this Oakland physical therapy center, the patients are welcomed by the physical therapist and are oriented to the various physical therapy services they offer. Each patient is assured of the quality of service they are getting.

Back to Life, Oakland

825 Washington St, Suite 206, Oakland, CA 94607
Headed by a highly skilled physical therapist, Back to Life, Oakland, an Oakland physical therapy center, provides all its clients high-quality services for all their musculoskeletal emergencies. A highly recommended facility for physical therapy in Oakland, this clinic aims to provide the best of care when it comes to physical therapy approaches, helping clients achieve their health goals and needs.

For the best and premier physical therapy Oakland has to offer, Marcy Crouch's Practice is the right place to go. Front lined by a specialist with extensive experience and notable expertise, this Oakland physical therapy is a recognized leader in providing advantageous outpatient rehabilitative treatment interventions that focus on relieving pain, treating the injury or disorder, as well as preventing the issue from worsening.

Dagnija Peterson's Practice

4283 Piedmont Ave, Suite E5, Oakland, CA 94611
Dagnija Peterson's patients claim they're not exaggerating when they say she's an amazing physical therapist. They swear that physical therapy in Oakland CA is best handled by Dr. Peterson. Her friendly yet frank approach allows patients to feel that she cares and won't compromise her patient's health for anything. She works hard to keep her skills first-rate, and she wants clients to work with her to achieve a fully functioning and healthy body.

Sports & Orthopedic Leaders Physical Therapy in Oakland CA is proud of its highly educated and expert physical therapists who continuously improve their skills to provide the best treatment possible. This clinic has found success not just in Oakland, but in three other cities, proving their high standards. Sports & Orthopedic's goal is to be effective and exceptional in their service so that individuals can easily reach their performance goals.

Advanced Foot Clinic

411 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610
Advanced Foot Clinic led by Dr. Richard Lavigna, renowned physical therapist since 1991, believes every patient deserves the right information and healthcare to properly care for their feet and ankles. Therapists at this physical therapy in Oakland CA make sure that their patients are educated on their symptoms and treatment given. This clinic provides comprehensive foot and ankle care that focuses mainly on work-related injuries.

John Hopkins owns a well-known physical therapy in Oakland CA. His primary goal in this clinic is to provide people with advanced physical therapy so they have the opportunity to gain a fully functioning body without pain. Dr. Hopkins’ rehabilitation includes a full evaluation of the physical issue, personalized treatment, and information on proper care for the ailment outside of the clinic. Dr. Hopkins has all bases covered for a full recovery.

Cicely Hart's Practice

6300 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
Cicely Hart of ProBalance Physical Therapy in Oakland CA gives patients what they want in the personalized treatment plans she provides. The treatments give patients the chance to go back to their everyday active lives. As a physical therapist, Dr. Hart makes it a point to find what’s missing in her patient’s health. She then focuses on helping them become aware of what’s missing to pave the way to a better and easier life.

Dr. Maria Benitez Starr holds true to her name as a star of physical therapy in Oakland CA. After graduating in 2001, with honors no less, Dr. Starr continued to dazzle the people around her with her exceptional skills in physiotherapy. Patients come to her because they know their pain will be removed quickly and without hassle. Dr. Starr shines brightly thanks to physical therapy, and she makes sure her patients do the same.

David Tai, known for his exceptional skills in physical therapy in Oakland CA, has made a name for himself in his community. People from Oakland and even other nearby communities go to his premier physical therapy clinic in hopes of ridding themselves of the physical pain they're experiencing. Dr. Tai has yet to disappoint his patients on that. He delivers immediate results and suggests ways to keep full function even without his assistance.

Sarah Pierce's Practice

3300 Webster Street, Suite 703, Oakland, CA 94609
Dr. Sarah Pierce has committed to providing the highest-quality physical therapy in Oakland CA. This physical therapist works hard to plan individualized treatment for her patients to best assist in their recovery. As each person is unique, so must the treatment they receive. Dr. Pierce values her patients and understands that they want to get back to their regular lives immediately. As she plans treatments, she keeps this in mind.

Terri Hansford's Practice

80 Grand Avenue, Suite 800, Oakland, CA 94612
Terri Hansford owns Oakland physical therapy clinic Hand Therapy of Oakland. This physical therapy in Oakland CA specializes in rehabilitation of the hands, wrists, and arms; although, that is not to say Dr. Hansford and his staff cannot treat other physical ailments. Hands are very useful, but also very sensitive. Dr. Hansford shows his patients how to properly care for these appendages through his physical therapy exercises.

Dr. Benjamin Boyd employs higher standards in his physical therapy in Oakland CA. After nine years of experience in physiotherapy, Dr. Boyd continues to keep himself educated and updated on physical therapy techniques. His focus in his practice is providing the appropriate physical therapy exercises in response to diseases and injuries that affect nerve health, such as diabetes. Anjoe Physical Therapy & Wellness is better with Dr. Boyd.

Gina Meyer's Practice

3431 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94601
Gina Meyer sets the bar high for physical therapy in Oakland CA. Dr. Meyer's advanced physical therapy leads patients to spread the word on the amazing results they receive. These results come from the efficient comprehensive care Dr. Meyer provides to all her patients. She is able to quickly address the symptoms of the patient's ailment and provides ways to prevent the injury from happening again. Everything needed for a full recovery is given.

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