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Best of 2019 - Physical Therapists in San Jose, CA

Here are the best physical therapists in San Jose, CA as rated by the community. These San Jose professionals have received great reviews from customers for physical therapy related appointments. Find out who made the cut and book your appointment today!

Brian Williamson's Practice

1505 Meridian Ave, Suite A, San Jose, CA 95125
Brian Williamson is a trusted and highly skilled physical therapist San Jose has today who offers well-rounded treatment care plans for all musculoskeletal cases. Leading a well-commended San Jose physical therapy facility and promoting advanced techniques in physical therapy San Jose residents can avail of, Brian Williamson's practice makes sure that all client health goals are addressed and, if possible, exceeded beyond expectations.

Trina Semplinski is a physical therapist in San Jose. She brings the best physical therapy in San Jose to the patient, be it to their homes, workplace, or where the patient requests. This physical therapist specializes in hands-on manual soft tissue, myofascial and mobilization activities with the focus on restoration of functional movements. She ensures that all the physical therapy treatments are well-suited for the patient.

Mullen Physical Therapy, Inc. is a clinic of physical therapy in San Jose with Gary John Mullen as the licensed physical therapist. This physical therapy center combines the art and science of training, rehabilitation, and improvement in all the treatment programs. This approach helps the team provide effective therapy for patients, and thus deemed as one of the best physical therapy clinics in San Jose, CA and neighboring towns.

Thomas Sawhill's Practice

841 Blossom Hill Road, Suite 103, San José, CA 95123
Getting both basic and advanced physical therapy in San Jose CA is an easy matter. All that local patients have to do is contact Thomas Edward Sawhill. This experienced professional is a trusted local physical therapist of San Jose who effectively helps patients with various body conditions. This doctor has been offering comprehensive physical therapy exercises and evaluations for more than three decades.

For the best physical therapy San Jose has today, check out Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy. This cutting-edge outpatient rehabilitative facility has a physical therapist with unparalleled excellence in dealing with injuries and diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, guaranteeing elimination of pain and functional limitations and helping patients get back to doing what they love the most.

Pain Free with Oscar

1101 South Winchester Boulevard, Suite M257, San Jose, CA 95128
Oscar Gonzales is a physical therapist in San Jose and founder of Pain Free with Oscar. This physical therapist is one of the few Egoscue Accredited Exercise Therapists (AET). His program for physical therapy in San Jose accepts all types of patients, from the young to the old. Whatever the concern is, it will be thoroughly assessed and evaluated and will be given appropriate physical therapy treatments. Make an appointment at the clinic today.

PT2 Physical and Sports Therapy

6920 Santa Teresa Blvd, Suite 109, San Jose, CA 95119
If in search for a highly regarded center for physical therapy San Jose CA has today, PT2 Physical and Sports Therapy is the right clinic to be. A renowned facility in physical therapy in San Jose, this clinic is headed by a dedicated physical therapist and manned by a team of professionals. This clinic is guided by the mission of delivering high-quality treatment regimens every client truly deserves.

Pros In Rehab

1101 S Winchester Blvd, L 237, San Jose, CA 95128
Pros In Rehab provides reliable physical therapy in San Jose CA for children, infants, adults, and even pregnant women. It offers the best quality of holistic health care in a comfortable child-friendly environment. The physical therapists in this clinic are highly skilled and well trained in handling various procedures such as acupuncture, active release technique, clubfoot treatment, manual therapy, and so much more.

As a Medicare-certified clinic, Amberwood Rehab Services strives to provide the best quality physical therapy in San Jose CA. This clinic is staffed with highly skilled and experienced physical therapists who use only the latest equipment, tools, and procedures in physical therapy. It offers manual therapy, acupuncture, clubfoot treatment, massage therapy, orthotics, myofascial release, soft tissue manipulations, and so much more.

Claudia Posch-Roth's Practice

455 O'Connor Drive, Ste 150, San Jose, CA 95128
Claudia Posch-Roth is among the few professionals who have extensive knowledge in physical therapy in San Jose CA. With many years of experience, she has helped her patients achieve holistic health without compromising their time and budget. Her clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide fast, high-quality, and accurate physiotherapy to everyone who visits her clinic. Check out her reviews.

Vicente Ceja's Practice

6155 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95120
Vicente Ceja is quite new to the practice of physical therapy in San Jose, nevertheless, he is able to deliver quality service. As a physical therapist in San Jose, he is dedicated to providing physical therapy treatments that are a perfect fit to the needs of the patients, and he does this after a proper assessment and evaluation period. The patients are assured that they will feel relief after going to this physical therapy center.

As a physical therapist in San Jose, Jean Church has helped numerous patients lead a life free from any pain or discomfort. The physical therapy services are executed by this licensed physical therapist with great care. This clinic of physical therapy in San Jose CA is easily accessible, therefore, patients can easily make a visit and have themselves assessed and evaluated in order to receive the appropriate physical therapy treatments.

Anh Thu Ngo's Practice

1601 Petersen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129
Anh Thu Ngo is a licensed physical therapist in San Jose CA. In this physical therapy clinic in San Jose, the patients are treated well with their needs in top priority, so they feel more comfortable and relaxed. The physical therapist, as well as the team, makes sure that the physical therapy services they offer are well carried out. Quality is of utmost importance and that's what they want to emphasize.

Discharge Resource Group

1150 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128
Discharge Resource Group is a physical therapy facility in San Jose CA that targets the root cause of the problems utilizing various physical therapy services. With this licensed physical therapist in San Jose, the patients are assured of the quality of services they receive and are well taken care of by the physical therapist and the team. Schedule an appointment and address any lingering pains or discomfort.

Luanne Hom's Practice

50 Great Oaks Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95119
Luanne Hom is part of a physical therapy team in San Jose CA. Patients come to this physical therapy center to have their concerns addressed and this licensed physical therapist is more than willing to assist the patients in order to put an end to the various pains and discomfort that they feel. As a physical therapist in San Jose, she is dedicated to helping her patients and deliver optimal results.

Susan Smithson is a physical therapist in San Jose. Over the years, she has helped countless of patients lead a better quality of life through the various physical therapy services she offers, all of which are delivered with great care. At her clinic of physical therapy in San Jose, patients are seen with thorough assessment and evaluation before doing the physical therapy treatments. Schedule an appointment at the clinic today.

Joanne Pho's Practice

250 Hospital Parkway, San Jose, CA 95119
As a physical therapist in San Jose, Joanne Pho is committed to delivering the best physical therapy services in the San Jose, CA area. This physical therapy in San Jose CA takes in patients and makes sure that they feel comfortable and relaxed. All are carefully seen by the licensed physical therapist so as to give the appropriate care possible. The root cause of the problem is the main focus because all the treatments are based on that.

James Welshp is a good physical therapist in San Jose. He offers his dedication to healing patients who experience some sort of discomfort or pain through physical therapy services. At first, he makes sure that he examines the patient thoroughly at his physical therapy clinic in San Jose because the treatments are based on this. At the same time, the patients are comfortable because the therapists here are warm and very welcoming.

Amy Dossey's Practice

5691 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118
Amy Dossey's practice as a physical therapist in San Jose is known for her great care towards her patients. Her practice of physical therapy in San Jose makes sure that the patients receive the best physical therapy treatments in the area, carried out by licensed physical therapists. The patients can just relax because they are in safe hands. Make an appointment to see a physical therapist and pave the way to a better life.