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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

As you search through the almost overwhelming number of physical therapy options in your area... And read the many competing online reviews such as this persons the best, that clinic's the best, etc. It can be difficult to understand the real differences between PTs. The truth is, in the physical therapy industry, there are basic treatments that the majority of physical therapists know and use in most western clinics. However, there are deeper levels of more diverse advanced physical therapy, methods that take years to master, and are practiced by a select few highly skilled practitioners throughout the world. Expanded physical therapy methods that may truly help a patient achieve better long term healing results and gently but efficiently eliminate or reduce the injury you are struggling to overcome. Being among these more advanced DPT practitioners is something Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy consistently strives for. Our techniques uniquely mix superior Western, Eastern, and European methodologies for a one of a kind gentle, effective, physical therapy experience. But being unique, in our diverse successful treatment techniques, is not our only goal. We have custom built our quaint new Santa Monica Physical Therapy clinic space to provide the most tranquil, nurturing, stress free healing environment. At our office ( http://erincarrpt.com/santa-monica-physical-therapy/ ) we can successfully treat all types of injuries and or chronic pain conditions. And we work with patients of all ages. Dr Car Integrative Physical Therapy is on a first name basis, and has strong relationships, with many of the best Integrative Mds, Technologically Leading Orthopedists, and top of the line minimalist surgeons throughout Los Angeles. In addition, we consider all our patients VIPs, and between treatments, we are personally there to respond to any questions or comments you may have about the healing process , 7 days a week within 24 hours. Beyond our Santa Monica clinic If you would prefer to receive your physical treatments in the comfort of you own home. Dr Carr Integrative Physical Therapy offers offers custom concierge in home treatments, upon request, throughout many areas of Los Angeles. ( http://erincarrpt.com/in-home-physical-therapy/ )

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

We are NOT a “no pain no gain” type of clinic. We never force your body into uncomfortable positions to make change. Instead we have found your body responds best to gentle relaxing advanced manual treatments that stimulate your complex inner networks and motivate your ability to heal. For a free 30 min consultation to discuss how Dr Carr can help with your particular situation... Contact Dr Carr Today! http://erincarrpt.com/contact/

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