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Most of our patients arrive with the main complaint of pain that interferes with some level of activity. With our older patients, they think that pain is a normal consequence of aging and they will have to live with it. For others, it is the nagging pain that comes and goes , and may get worse each time it comes back. It compromises their daily activity or sport. They have tried medications, other treatments like massage, acupuncture and exercise – but the pain still remains. Premier Physical Therapy is Different We have found that , barring an inherited condition , or a disease process, there is a physical component that has not been addressed. This is what causes the pain to linger despite all of the exercise and other treatments. A cycle is started, straining shortened soft tissues that causes a natural response by the body producing more connective tissue that can bind structures that are designed to move independently from one another. This further shortens the tissue and makes it easier to strain again, making the cycle repeat. This shortening restricts motion around joints. This causes the joint to operate under shearing and compression forces. That pain or stiffness you have in the morning that gets less with activity, only to return is most often caused by this mechanism. This is what leads to the osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. If treatment is started too late in the process,the only choice left is surgery. The noninvasive solutions are exhausted. The physician has to fix the damage. We have excellent results when the symptoms are addressed earlier, when there is not as much to correct. Call for your appointment today! 941-379-7913

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