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Adam Bell

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Adam Bell is a graduate of Dalhousie University and Sutherland Chan School of Massage. Previously, he has worked as both a personal trainer and as a strength and conditioning coach for the last 6 years. He has extensive experience working with a diverse population including everything from those new to exercise, up to and including, professional athletes working with hockey players. Adam’s treatments include a personalized assessment and movement screen to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. He is a believer that movement is the foundation of physical and mental well-being. His philosophy is that movement can give us a sense of appreciation for the human body and all the possibilities that come with it, particularly in pain prevention. Beyond massage and exercise, Adam has a strong passion for nutrition as well as meditation and their role in optimizing total health.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

I have a lot experience working with athletes and a background in strength and conditioning, so my treatment approach is manual therapy combined with movement. I have found that coupling the two produces the best outcomes.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

-Post Surgical scar work (previously worked with recovering breast cancer survivors (lumpectomy, mastectomy)) - Athletic Prehab and Rehab - Shoulder Injuries in conjunction with advanced exercise progression

What are you proud of in your practice?

In my practice I am most proud of the relationships I have been fortunate enough to build. I really value the trust that patients grant me and the opportunity I have to help them improve their quality of life.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

I have no one specific case or cases I enjoy treating the most. Each case may be challenging in its own way. I get the most enjoyment out of trying to the best solution/treatment for each individual.

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