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Joel D. Carnazzo, PsyD, PC

Let us help you find the perfect psychologist


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing individual and couples therapy. My areas of expertise include helping adults and adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. I also specialize in addressing men’s issues. Therapy can be a powerful tool for self-improvement. As a therapist, I provide an environment of unconditional support and understanding. By building a trusting and reliable relationship I help people approach their concerns openly so they may increase awareness of themselves, reduce their distressing emotions, and build more satisfying relationships. I am trained in and practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT works by helping people identify how their early learning experiences shaped their perceptions of present life circumstances and and how this influences their feelings and reactions to those circumstances. We build on an understanding of these patterns to create new ways of thinking about and responding to stressful situations and other life events. In so doing, people can increase how effectively they manage life's challenges and produce more personal satisfaction, greater emotional well-being, increased self-mastery, and improved relationships.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

I utilize a Client-Directed Outcome-Informed (CDOI) approach in my practice. A CDOI approach is an effective and efficient way to tailor treatment to meet the individual needs of each client. CDOI was developed by Drs. Scott Miller and Barry Duncan. They recognized that "Improving your performance starts with knowing your baseline; that is, determining exactly how effective you really are as a clinician. In truth, most practicing psychotherapists have no hard data regarding their success rates with clients. Fewer still have any idea how their outcomes compare to any other clinician or to national norms for progress in care." Thankfully, they had designed a simple and quick solution. CDOI has been adopted by large and small system throughout the world and my practice integrated this system to improve the quality of care to my clients. In practice, CDOI simply means that I ask each of my clients to complete a four-question, paper and pencil form, the Outcome Rating Form (ORS) at the beginning of each session. The ORS assesses areas of life functioning known to change as a result of therapeutic intervention. At the end of each meeting I also ask clients to fill out the four-question Session Rating Scale (SRS), which is designed to assess key dimensions of effective therapeutic relationships. Both forms take less than a minute to complete and provide very valuable information that helps us track progress. The results also let us know when we might need to try something new to improve things. The SRS helps us have a transparent, ongoing dialogue about what is helping and what is not. This process helps my clients have the input they need and the immediate feedback I need to help promote the best possible outcome. The system I utilize to track client progress provides visual feedback to my clients and myself. It helps us notice how and why you have improved and it is entirely based on your own assessment of your progress.

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