Find the top-rated psychologists in Miami

Evelyn Frances Benitez's Practice

1695 Northwest 9th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136
Dr. Evelyn Benitez is the chief Miami psychologist and director of behavioral health at Carlos Albizu University. Her long experience has gained the respect of her students who train under her and universities in the state. Her expertise in clinical psychology focuses on addiction, trauma, developmental disorders, and anxiety. This psychologist in Miami is, in fact, a certified addiction professional of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Association.

Pinecrest Counseling

12368 Southwest 82nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33156
Pinecrest Counseling is composed of some of the best psychologists Miami has to offer. The professionals at this clinic have been practicing psychology in Miami for quite some time now. Some of the top psychologists in this clinic specialize in anger management, depression, crisis intervention, relaxation training, step-parenting, conflict meditation and relapse prevention. This clinic is open for children, adolescents, and adults.

Franklin Humphrey Foote's Practice

10661 SW 88th St, Suite 214, Miami, FL 33176
Dr. Franklin Humphrey Foote and his wife, Dr. Michelle Slapion-Foote, are two of the top psychologists in Miami. They have over thirty years of experience serving their community with counseling psychology. When they established their Miami psychology practice, their goal was to provide quality, professional, and affordable care for their patients. Anyone who experiences psychological distress deserves the best help they can find.

Roslyn Pass, Ph.D., P.A>

9085 Southwest 87th Avenue, Suite 201A, Miami, FL 33176
Rosalyn Pass, a psychologist in Miami, has used her knowledge in psychology in different fields, such as teaching and counseling psychology, to help adolescents, adults, and families alike with their recurring problems. At any stage of life, there can be some things that may be more difficult to handle. Dr. Pass helps patients deal with these recurring problems. This Miami psychologist treats depression, addiction, anxiety, and the like.

Ideal Medical

6262 Southwest 40th Street, Suite 3D, Miami, FL 33155
Ideal Medical is a Miami psychology clinic that houses some of the top psychologists in Miami, including Dr. Vanessa Pages, founder of said clinic. This licensed clinical psychologist uses a variety of methods, including psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Dr. Pages' goal is to provide outstanding psychological services for people experiencing chronic diseases or problems such as addiction and eating disorders to arrive at a better quality of life.

Cibeles Hernandez's Practice

3400 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145
Cibeles Hernandez is one of the best psychologists in Miami and the director of the Center of Self-Empowerment. This Miami psychologist sees clinical psychology as a way for patients to reach and feel empowerment. Many people experience troubles, and each person deals with it differently. Some people need more guidance than others. That is what Dr. Hernandez and his practice do; they assist in the process of healing psychological wounds.

Mindworks Int

15321 West Dixie Highway, Suite 202, Miami, FL 33162
Mindworks International is a consulting and training team in Miami formed by the top psychologists in Miami. With over thirty years of experience under their belts, Dr. Juan Abascal, Dr. Dominic Brucato, and their wives consult with different teams to get them to work and collaborate with other clinical psychologists​ in the area. These Miami psychologists find ways to make clients live each moment with the most enjoyment possible.

A Shared Vision

3400 Coral Way, Suite 401, Miami, FL 33145
A Shared Vision is a Miami psychology clinic whose Miami psychologists practice being partners with their clients to gain a combined effort in psychological therapy to reach the patient's personal goals. This approach to clinical psychology makes patients feel the sincere effort these doctors put in helping patients have a happier and more fulfilling life and the same has gained them positive psychologist ratings in the community.

Schettino & Associates

10830 Southwest 113th Place, Suite A, Miami, FL 33176
Schettino & Associates is a Miami psychology clinic that has gained plenty of attention in the community because of its excellent Miami psychologists. Dr. Lynne Schettino and Elena Plasencia, LCSW work as a team to provide troubled people with individualized and guided resolutions. They are experienced in clinical psychology and in dealing with varying problems such as depression, anxiety, grief, behavioral problems, and even self-discovery.

Dr Mercedes Rosenberg Pa

11110 North Kendall Drive, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33176
Dr. Mercedes Rosenberg, P.A. is considered by many as one of the best psychologists in Miami. Her practice of Miami clinical psychology has long been appreciated by the community. Many patients affirm to her skill as a clinical psychologist. Going through sessions with Dr. Rosenberg has helped her patients resolve their problems and feel lighter in times of difficulties. Dr. Rosenberg serves as a guide for patients who feel lost in their lives.

E. Carolina Montoya, Psy.D., P.A.

11401 Southwest 40th Street, Suite 305, Miami, FL 33165
E. Carolina Montoya, Psy.D. has spent over twenty years of her life serving the community of Miami. This Miami psychologist uses her knowledge and expertise to teach in local universities and provide counseling psychology services in her practice. Dr. Montoya sees patients from adolescents and adults to couples and families. She uses Miami psychology to address issues like depression and anxiety; she prepares patients for future challenges.