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Dr. Valerie Golden, JD, PhD, LP
825 Nicollet Mall, Suite 615
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Psychological issues such as anxiety or depression can greatly impede career success, relationships, self confidence, and enjoyment of life. Do you sometimes feel unmotivated at work, disappointed in friends and family, anxious, depressed, envious of others, or unsure of yourself? Factors that lie just outside your immediate awareness can undermine your success in powerful ways. I may be able to help even when previous attempts at treatment have failed. These issues do not appear overnight, and will not disappear suddenly or in just a few sessions either. Be skeptical of anyone who promises you a quick fix. I focus on root causes of problems, not quick fixes, to foster changes that last and prevent symptoms from recurring. My experience as an attorney informs my work with those in highly demanding executive/professional environments, including the impact of those environments on one's personal and family lives. PhD-Columbia University, NY; post-doctoral training at MPSI, NY Psychoanalytic & Columbia Psychoanalytic. Former Adj. Prof.--Columbia Univ., Clinical Psychology Dept. & staff, Columbia Univ. Medical School (student health Psychiatry service), NYC. Utmost confidentiality assured

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Dr. Golden has trained at the doctoral level, achieving significant pre and post doctoral training in addition to her 20+ years of clinical experience in treating longstanding, repetitive sources of anxiety, depression, stress, and interpersonal (relationship) difficulties. She has been able to help people even when other previous treatments have failed by addressing root causes of such repetitive problems, rather than relying on quick fixes. .