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As technology continues to advance, and the World Wide Web is ever-increasing in prominence, a robust online presence is essential for every dentist who wants to attract a wider clientele and grow their dental practice. Facebook ads for dentists are an increasingly efficient marketing tool for practices.

With over 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is a social media giant, hosting a large portion of your potential patients. Here’s why you should give Facebook Ads a try, and the best way to craft your Facebook strategy.

Why Facebook?

Facebook’s enormous user base, which spends an average of 58 minutes on Facebook daily, is already an attractive prospect for your dental marketing strategy. With its focus on connections, Facebook can become the digital equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising with a wider reach. 

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Even more appealing is Facebook’s detailed targeting system. Facebook tracks its user base, gathering considerable information about each person on its platform. This means you can directly target your ads to the people most likely to find them relevant, leading to higher interest in your practice. 

Facebook ads for dentists are also affordable, with Facebook allowing you to set your budget. You’re also charged only when someone clicks your ad (an average of $0.97). Here are some dental tips for Facebook on how to create a successful ad campaign.

1. Use Facebook’s Targeting Features

Let’s start with the obvious! As Facebook’s targeting is one of its most attractive features, you’ll be wasting your efforts if you don’t make full use of it. Facebook allows you to target based on location (where users are), demographics (e.g. age, gender, education, and job), interests (e.g. hobbies, favourite films), behaviour (e.g. previous purchases), and connections (e.g. if they’re linked to your page). This means you have to fully understand your desired demographics and target accordingly.

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For example, if you specialize in dentures and want to put out denture ads, you might consider targeting older users, near to your office. Meanwhile, teeth whitening Facebook ads for dentists can be shown to those who have indicated beauty and self-improvement as interests, with cosmetic dentistry ads generally shown to more affluent users.

2. Personalize Your Advertisements

Don’t put out a generic ad that can be used for any dentist’s office! Think about your target demographics and what your practice has that can uniquely appeal to them. If your dental business is known to be family-friendly, use language and colourful images that reflect that, so customers with kids know they’re welcome with you.

Understanding your brand will generate more specific interest in your product. You can also add personal touches, such as real pictures of you or your staff, making you feel more reachable and real. Personalized Facebook ads for dentists help put your practice on the map.

3. Make Your Ads Informative

In a small amount of space, you need to relay a large amount of information to capture your audience’s interest. Make sure every ad includes your business information, features at least one image or video (according to ad type, described below) to capture the audience’s attention, and clearly outlines a call to action – namely, what you want the viewer to do.

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4. Choose Your Ad Types carefully

Facebook allows you to choose between various ad types. Images and Videos are the simplest, featuring one image or one video, respectively. Carousels can contain up to ten images or videos in a single advertisement, showcasing different aspects of your practice. There are also Stories, which cause your ads to appear as full-screen and vertical, and Slideshows, which flip between different pages.

What ad type you choose might be determined by your target audience’s behaviour – i.e. what kind of ads they are most likely to interact with. They should also be influenced by what you feel will show off your dental business’s benefits the best. For example, if you have many high-quality pictures to share, featuring different services you offer, consider a Carousel or Slideshow rather than fit them into one Image.

5. Work on your website

While having a Facebook page is important for your business, especially when using Facebook ads, you’ll also want a personal website to send potential customers to.

Your website can feature much more information, organized just how you like it. Design your website carefully and determine which pages you want ad-clickers to end up on when they show interest in your practice. The content they see there can be why they choose you and your services or decide to pass.

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