Find the top-rated chiropractors in Charlotte

Om Spa Chiropractic and Wellness

523 Fenton Place, Charlotte, NC 28207
You can find holistic chiropractors in Charlotte NC at OM Spa Chiropractic & Wellness - a synergy of luxury day spa, modern chiropractic and performance rehabilitation. Dr. Bryan Scott Edmiston, a chiropractor in Charlotte, uniquely administers the benefits of chiropractic treatment. ChiroSpa, one of the first in the United States, offers an escape from life's numerous stressors. Whether it's a stiff neck or back problems - you can relax here.

Weig Chiropractic Center Inc.

9010 Glenwater Drive, Suite 102, Charlotte, NC 28262
Charlotte chiropractor, Toby Weig opened Weig Chiropractic Center to treat conditions that has been previously only responded to surgery, medication and injection using chiropractic therapy. Weig specializes in spinal decompression therapy and auto accident injuries. Weig also offer these new non-surgical treatment options, in addition to traditional chiropractic care, in clamor for optimal result.

Dr. Tony Peters Chiropractic and Acupuncture

1515 Mockingbird Ln, Suite 913, Charlotte, NC 28209
Charlotte Chiropractic clinic, Dr. Tony Peters' Chiropractic and Acupuncture, has been in practice since 2001. They help their patients create an invigorating and healthy lifestyle. Dr. Peters combines his offerings with a personalized approach uniquely serving each of his patients injury or suffering allowing for more multifaceted care. Through progressive chiropractic clients can progress towards a lifetime of balance and function.

Maximized Living Health Center

9401 Statesville Road, Charlotte, NC 28269
Maximized Living Health Center is a chiropractor in Charlotte NC that is known for the quality of service they provide. This center's objective is to provide an all-natural option for their clientele. They offer spinal correction that is beneficial in soothing any aches and pain. At-home services are also offered to supplement the treatments given in the chiropractic office. They also offer nutritional teachings as part of holistic healing.

Robert Mason's Practice

7940 Williams Pond Lane, Ste 225, Charlotte, NC 28277
When looking for a city chiropractic in Charlotte NC, visit Robert Mason's Practice. As a family chiropractic, he is committed to the wellness of the entire family. Nine years of practice has honed his skills in treating both adult patients as well as childen. He specializes in 4 different techniques: Activator Methods, Palmer Package, Webster's and Pettibon Technique. This chiropractor in Charlotte NC accepts new clients.

South Charlotte Chiropractic Pllc

8179 Ardrey Kell Road, Suite 102, Charlotte, NC 28277
South Charlotte Chiropractic is a well-versed Charlotte chiropractic care provider that will keep everyone healthy while working or studying at the same time. They are a family chiropractic care provider that offers education on the true core concept of the different chiro care given at the clinic. They accept medical insurances in exchange of the care given and even those who are not insured are given an affordable payment option.

ProHealth & Wellness Chiropractic

13209 Carowinds Boulevard, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28273
When in need of reliable chiropractors in Charlotte NC, don't look past the professionals at ProHealth & Wellness Chiropractic. Led by Dr. Timothy Patrick Clare, an experienced chiropractor in Charlotte, this chiropractic clinic prioritizes the health needs and goals of every patient to give them the best treatment plan they need. It offers state-of-the-art​ chiropractic care to its patients that is gentle, comfortable and highly effective.

Sullivan Family Chiropractic

10320 Mallard Creek Rd, Suite 280, Charlotte, NC 28262
Sullivan Family Chiropractic has a Charlotte chiropractor that offers various chiropractic treatments for you and your family to help them achieve the best possible health. They have one of the chiropractors in Charlotte NC who's capable of giving the best chiro care for your entire family. Now, providing a healthy and pain free life is possible for your loved ones. And finding a chiropractor to take care of them is just within your area.


4600 Park Rd, Suite 380, Charlotte, NC 28209
Charlotte Natural Healing is a Charlotte chiropractor that makes everyone's dream of living a pain free life possible. They do not just identify the cause of the problem their clients are having, but provide the best chiro care that their bodies need. They are the chiropractors in Charlotte NC that uses chiropractic care along with other services they have like body contouring, whole body purification and a lot more.


14135 Ballantyne Corporate Pl, Suite 160, Charlotte, NC 28277
Ballantyne Chiropractic Center is a Charlotte chiropractic clinic under the leadership of Dr. Rufus Overcash. They have been the best chiropractor serving Charlotte and the communities that surround it. Their Charlotte chiropractic care group gives their full dedication in order to address their clients' needs. Regardless of your purpose of getting into chiropractic treatments, each of the health team members will help you achieve a better life.

Jaffe Chiropractic Clinic

3210 Prosperity Church Rd, Suite 203, Charlotte, NC 28269
Jaffe Chiropractic Clinic provides chiropractic and acupuncture to families since 2006. With the highest standard of practice, Dr. Jaffe, an active Charlotte chiropractor, treats the cause of numerous health complaints such as neck stiffness, headaches, allergies, digestive disorders and many others. He may also apply chiropractic technique to pregnant, laboring mothers and their babies to prepare them for a smooth delivery stage.

Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness Center

7810 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28277
At Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness Center they aim to educate and care for individuals and families with the highest expectation for result. Richard Alan Gallagher, a chiropractor in Charlotte NC, treats a variety of conditions from chronic back problems and arthritis to total rehabilitation following an accident or injury. Dr. Rich and his skilled staff work diligently to address the cause and present first to patient treatment options.

J Burris's Practice

5010 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209
This Charlotte chiropractic clinic has been in business for 45 years and counting. The clinic's holistic chiropractor, J Ralph Burris, diagnose and treats common spinal misalignment that patient get from the kind of lifestyle they are expose to or from injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions. He also treats back injuries, sciatica, neck arthritis, sports injuries and auto accident injuries.

The Lifestyle Clinic

500 E Morehead St, Suite 102, Charlotte, NC 28202
Marla Mcardle, is a Charlotte Nc chiropractor of The Lifestyle Clinic, that is continuously improving on the sciatic nerve treatment and care of the complexities of arthritis in neck and back problems. The clinic's health care providers, more importantly the Charlotte chiropractors, encourage involvement of patients to learn the chiropractic way in a team-like effort to create a healthy and effective healing environment.

The Back Pain Center

8821 University East Drive, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28213
The Back Pain Center is an outpatient, results-based chiropractic Charlotte NC-based clinic offering noninvasive and beneficial pain control and management, especially of the back area. Its Charlotte NC chiropractor is especially skilled and knowledgeable in the use of advanced chiropractic adjustment techniques that release muscle tightness and create a suitable environment within to allow healing to take place.

Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, PC

5035 West W T Harris Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28269-2824
Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center, PC is a well-known Charlotte chiropractic facility. This clinic is managed by one of the best chiropractors in Charlotte NC and implements comprehensive and patient-centered approaches for all chiropractic cases including, but not limited to, sore neck, muscle spasms in neck, and back pain Charlotte NC patients can take advantage of. This clinic also offers affordable chiropractic services.

The Chiropractors At Toringdon

3520 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28277
Experience the care of the finest chiropractors in Charlotte NC today only through The Chiropractors At Toringdon. This state-of-the-art wellness-driven center is home to dependable chiropractors Charlotte NC clients can run to whenever they are afflicted with problems affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal systems such as back spasms, arthritis, scoliosis, neck and shoulder pain, and whiplash, to list a few.

Angelo Terrigno's Practice

2427 Plantation Center Drive, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28105
A highly dedicated Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Angelo Terrigno offers top-of-the-class treatment care plans for all neuromusculoskeletal cases such as pinched nerve in neck, back injury, and neck cracking. Managing a highly trusted facility in chiropractic in Charlotte NC, Dr. Terrigno's practice makes sure that all clients get the service they truly deserve. This is done by utilizing evidence-based chiropractic techniques.