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Dr. Jason Jumper’s foundation is to educate you on the importance of 3-Dimensional Spinal Adjustments and their effect on your overall health. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology as well as a Doctorate Degree which he received from Logan University of Health Sciences in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Jumper started practicing in southwest Denver in October of 1997 and is currently practicing in Lakewood, Colorado. Dr. Jumper utilizes a 3-Dimensional Mirror Imaging Technique. This involves triggering nerve receptors through 3-D Mirror Image Adjustments to signal the muscles that pull the spine into alignment. This technique provides a more permanent stable correction. Specific 3-D Mirror Image exercises are tailored for each patient to insure optimum spinal correction. This enables Dr. Jumper to correct a spine to its most stable position, in the shortest amount of time and most cost effective way. Dr. Jumper has extensive training in Chiropractic Biophysics Adjusting, 3-D Imaging, Physiotherapy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Science Based Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Pettibon System, 20/20 Digital Imaging, Motion Palpation, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Orthopedics. Licensures and Certifications *Colorado National Board Certified; Chiropractic *US National Board Certified; Chiropractic *Colorado State Chiropractic License *Colorado State Radiology Permit *Colorado State Electrotherapy

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