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Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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Serving the Plano and the surrounding areas with chiropractic expertise and compassion. We provide pain relief from head to toe. Chiropractic treatment from certified decompression specialists. Athletes, come and experience our deep tissue muscle release techniques. It provides faster recovery from sprains and strains. If you are in pain, we are the solution.

Providers at this location

Eric John Salinas
Modern Dental
3610 Shire Boulevard, Suite 204
Richardson, Texas
Richard J. Chapman, D.D.S.
3405 Silverstone Drive, Suite 100
Plano, Texas
Focus Dental
3443 West Campbell Road, Suite 650
Garland, Texas
Premier Family Dentistry
909 West Spring Creek Parkway, Suite 490
Plano, Texas
Scott Thompson's Practice
2801 West Parker Road, Suite 8
Plano, Texas
5509 Pleasant Valley Drive, Suite 90a
Plano, Texas
Mark Ethridge's Practice
1101 N Jupiter Rd, Suite 109
Richardson, Texas