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Dr. Foster grew up watching his father as a chiropractor. He was intrigued with everything about his father’s chiropractic career. Growing up around the chiropractic lifestyle, Dr. Foster knew he wanted to help people too. By the time he was 10 years old he knew he wanted to become a chiropractor and follow in his father’s footsteps. He still has the same passion for chiropractic care today that he developed at an early age. Dr. Foster worked as a chiropractic assistant to his father from 1978-1981, while taking his pre-chiropractic courses. After completing his pre-chiropractic requirements, he attended the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He graduated on the Dean’s list with Magna Cum Laude honors in 1984. During his last year at the college he was an intern at the Whittier Health Center. Then in 1985 he took over his father’s practice. “The greatest part of what I do is being able to help patients get their quality of life back.” He enjoys helping and seeing people regain their health. Later in 1992, Dr. Foster achieved Diplomat status with the American Academy of Pain Management. In 2001 he became a Q.M.E. (qualified medical examiner) for work-related injuries. Dr. Foster continues to attend annual seminars to further his education. Dr. Foster has attended many seminars in an effort to further educate himself to provide his patients with the best care possible.