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Discover Network Care with Dr. Schuyler! Experience your physiology awaken, your body release, and your self expand. GET CHECKED TODAY - SEE IF WE CAN HELP YOU - 805 899 3333 Description "The shape, position and tone of your life, is a direct reflection of the shape, position and tone of you spine and nervous system. When the spine can not enjoy its natural, full range of motion, the body-mind is limited in the kinds of experiences it can have, as well as in the way it can express itself on a physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual level." Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a Reorganizational approach to wellness that incorporates gentle contacts, applied specifically at Spinal Gateways, to assist the body in developing new strategies for living, healing, and optimizing individual potential. Our objective is not to restore a person to a previous state of health perhaps before the onset of a disease, pain, before the depression set in or even before the crisis took place in life. Instead our focus is to create a state of being, strategies for living and an access to resourcefulness that has never been experienced before! During each session of NSA Care, the physiology and consciousness of the practice member develops new capabilities that include being able to self-reference and dissipate tension patterns, naturally making healthier choices, increasing your body's ability to more appropriately respond to its experiences, challenges and needs, and helping you develop lifetime strategies for self-awareness and healing.