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My name is Andrew Finley, I am a dentist who dislikes going to the dentist. As a patient, I have experienced the long wait times, the discomfort from keeping my mouth open, having to take time off from work for an appointment and the absolute discomfort of an injection. My personal experiences have driven my team and I to make your experience at our office as enjoyable and as pleasant as possible. I pledge to give you my undivided attention, minimal wait times, and say good bye to the painful injections. As a graduate of USC School of Dentistry (GO TROJANS!!) and over the seven years of experience I have attained, I have trained with highly respected dentists, specialists and oral surgeons. My training includes general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. I have completed advanced fellowship training in Implant Dentistry at the California Implant Institute. My joy and passion are rooted in client care. I strive to transform smiles through positive experiences. In addition to running my practice, I enjoy serving the community by bringing quality dental care to patients who cannot access it in a traditional setting. I have worked in community clinics around Los Angeles County to treat patients in underserved communities. I have also participated in the USC outreach program, AYUDA, in Mexico. As a part of my mission, I dedicate time to work with a mobile clinic to treat patients in convalescent and assisted nursing homes, providing bedside care to individuals who cannot access treatment in a traditional office setting. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I spend my leisure time exploring new cultures, exotic cars and exquisite cuisines. I love animals, especially my dog. When I am not exploring the city, my pup and I can be spotted jogging at the local park. I aspire to see the world smiling, one smile at a time.

Education & Certifications

University of Southern California
Dental Board of California
Jun 9, 2014