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The Little Italy clinic in the Archer Dental family uses the latest technologies in dentistry. We’re dedicated to advancing dental care. Our modern office also features a bright and beautiful spa-like atmosphere so you can relax during your appointment. We are committed to excellence and are proud of our dedication to our patients. We make your health and comfort our primary concern. Our staff is committed to improving your oral health as quickly as possible with knowledgeable and compassionate dental care. Our team has extensive experience in the dentistry field. Our Doctors are using the latest technologies including microscopes for root canal therapy, working under high magnification and performing all periodontal treatments and implants. They perform all of their procedures based on comprehensive scientific evidence.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

We have brought together a group of clinicians who have deep experience across different areas of dentistry. Each clinician is therefore able to contribute a unique perspective, not just towards a diagnosis, but also towards developing a comprehensive treatment strategy that will meet all of our patient’s needs. By filtering each case through these different perspectives, we are able to not just arrive at the right solution, but the solution that’s right for our patient. Everyone has different priorities and different circumstances. Being able to generate effective strategies that respects our patients’ desires, whether it's for optimal aesthetic outcomes, restoration of function, or fiscal responsibility, is our way of serving the person, not just the mouth.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

We are particularly proud of our ability to provide excellent care in a warm, friendly environment. We welcome every patient who walks through our doors like an old friend, we treat each one like family. We want every one of our patients to feel comfortable, confident and safe. It’s the difference between going to your dentist, and going to your friend who happens to be a dentist with decades of experience and who has friends who are specialists, all of whom are happy to offer their expert opinion. Anyone who has a long term relationship with a family doctor, a mechanic or even a hairstylist, who knows them by their first name and just trusts them to always provide excellent advice and care, will appreciate what we’re building at Archer Dental Little Italy

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