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The Integrative Health Group is a dental Whole Body focus and Integrative Medicine health facility. Out providers consists of a licensed dentist(DDS), registered dental hygienists(RDH), doctorates in Integrative Medicine (IMD) and registered homeopath. Our team diagnose the underlying causes of your oral health challenges and pain syndromes and provide integrative medicine treatment approach for the best outcome.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

DENTAL WHOLE BODY WELLNESS The main focus of our practice is an integrative wellness approach to treatment, management and prevention of, Periodontal (gum),TMJ disorders (migraines, head neck, shoulder pain, sleep apnea, snoring, bruxism (teeth grinding) and other symptoms associated symptoms), fresh breath clinic, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and treatment to enhance general health and to decrease systemic inflammation. .

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

we are proud to be a dental whole-body connection focus health center. The oral cavity has been described as “the window to general health. To approach dental health by simply dealing with the immediate vicinity of a problem area in the mouth is like walking on one leg. With the one leg approach, you are never totally balanced. Signs of systemic imbalances that are detected in early stages and advanced stages in the mouth. Our whole body dental wellness approach is designed to address immediate dental health challenges and balance the overall biochemistry of the body through proper nutrition and mineral balancing.

Services Offered 8 Services

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