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Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles At Woodbridge Dental Centre, we specialize in the areas of Family Dentistry, Oral Hygiene, Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Dental Restoration, Porcelain Vaneers, Dental Implants, Invisialign, Lumineers, Kids Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy and Sedation Dentistry. We are committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. We use the latest dental technologies and techniques that allow us to provide services that are faster, more effective, and less invasive. While we are able to minimize the amount of patient chair time and duration of recovery, we are in turn able to maximize our patients level of comfort, offering an entirely new dental experience. One of the greatest and most advanced technologies we offer at Woodbridge Dental is Laser Dentistry. Lasers in dentistry allow dentists to perform dental procedures with higher accuracy and precision, without interfering with surrounding healthy gum tissue or tooth structure. For patients who experience dental fear and anxiety, laser dentistry is an ideal course of treatment as it provides a more comfortable and safe dental experience in contrast with other conventional methods. No injections, no drills or anesthesia and quicker recovery time, are just some of the many benefits patients will experience. In the hands of our dentists, laser dentistry can provide the most comfortable and effective dental treatment, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile every time. Woodbridge Dental Centre is a state of the art dental centre located in the heart of Woodbridge. At the offices of Dr. Michael Rouhi, Dr. Sandra Farber, and Dr. Kelly Farber dentistry really is a family affair. We are committed to assisting people in achieving the confidence and happiness that can be created in every smile. With our full range of cosmetic services, we can create for you the beautiful smile you always wanted and make it last a lifetime. In addition, our restorative and implant dentistry department can give you the makeover needed to smile and chew comfortably in everyday life. The children’s zone is full of toys, an Xbox 360, and a big-screen television to keep your children happy and entertained. Our children’s dentistry department ensures your child’s comfort is our top priority. Relaxation is the key to a fun and easy dental appointment. There is relaxing music to listen to, televisions in every room, and a variety of DVD’s to watch throughout your stay. If you require some help relaxing, our “laughing gas” can put you in a state of ultimate solitude.

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  • Reviewed on April 1st, 2012  •  Verified patient
    Conveniently located for me, everything is nice and clean, staff is pleasant and sometimes funny.
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  • Reviewed on March 19th, 2012  •  Verified patient
    Super friendly stuff and modern facility with nice ambience.
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  • Reviewed on November 10th, 2011  •  Verified patient
    Clean, modern, professional, light. It's just the way a dental clinic should be run!
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