Find the top-rated primary care doctors in Orlando

Aloma Urgent Care

7252 Narcoossee Rd, Suite 104, Orlando, FL 32822
Aloma Urgent Care is a highly advanced Orlando family medical center offering all-encompassing, personalized family medicine services rooted on the highest standards of practice. This results-driven Orlando clinic offers exceptional solutions to a wide array of health situations, which include non-life-threatening emergencies, common illnesses, sports injuries, and throat, ear, eye, and bladder infections, to name a few.

Mlb Orlando

4401 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806
Mlb Orlando is devoted to providing complete and well-managed health-care services for patients with medical problems. Highly recommended, this Orlando family medical center emphasizes on the promotion of personal and continuing care for young and old patients alike. This family doctor clinic has a team of greatly skilled doctors in Orlando that are dedicated to delivering care based on the holistic nature of family medicine.

Hitchcock Health Institute

1803 Park Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32835
Hitchcock Health Institute is an Orlando family medical center led by wickedly talented, Dr. Lara Hitchcock. Her Orlando clinic focuses on providing holistic and personalized treatments. This holistic treatment includes emotional well-being and aesthetic therapy. This expert physician and her team take pride in their unique approach and how it delivers amazing results in their patients. Feel rejuvenated after Dr. Hitchcock's treatment.

Orlando Immunology Center

1707 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803
Orlando Immunology Center is a health clinic in Orlando FL and part of Infectious Disease Consultants (IDC). This Orlando clinic strives to provide exceptional, innovative and cutting-edge medical care to individuals who are diagnosed with HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, or who may simply be at risk for these conditions. The physicians promise to provide a compassionate, safe, friendly and comfortable environment.

Legacy Family Medicine

11602 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, FL 32825
Legacy Family Medicine is an Orlando family medicine practice focused on preventive care, education, and positive lifestyle changes. Their Orlando doctors believe that the patients' needs are of utmost importance and the physician as well as the entire team are committed to meeting those needs.​ The patients are always in safe hands because of the level of commitment the personnel has for each patient.

Dr. Daryanani

8216 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821
Promoting well-rounded practices in Orlando family medicine, Dr. Daryanani has more than 40 years of experience focusing on the patients’ needs and concerns. Heading one of the most visited clinics in Orlando, this family physician handles minor medical emergencies and general family medicine, as well as provides quality, quick care to all patients, ensuring that relationships are built with each one.

Joseph William Gallagher's Practice

250 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828
Dr. Joseph William Gallagher is one of the most renowned Orlando family physicians who has a great dedication that embodies the holistic care he provides patients throughout the continuum of family medicine. As one of the leading Orlando physician specialists, Dr. Gallagher's practice encompasses acute and chronic disease management and preventive medicine. Achieve optimum health with Dr. Gallagher. Make an appointment now.

Patrick Dang's Practice

5058 South Conway Road, Orlando, FL 32812
A board-certified Orlando family medicine practitioner, Dr. Patrick Dang provides holistic, client-centered care to patients of all ages, including geriatric, adult, adolescent, child, and infant. He received his medical degree from St. Matthew's University and has been in practice for over 12 years now. One of the best Orlando doctors, he offers care for common medical conditions, preventive medicine, and early detection of major illnesses.

Temukisa Tonya Young-Henley's Practice

5554 Clarcona Ocoee Road, Orlando, FL 32810
With Dr. Temukisa Tonya Young-Henley, achieving great health and wellness is always with an active patient participation. An Orlando family doctor who is knowledgeable in his field of practice, Dr. Young-Henley knows exactly what to do and constantly gives appropriate care. A kind primary care physician Orlando FL has today, Dr. Young-Henley uses evidence-based techniques, enabling him to pinpoint signs and symptoms accurately.

Anh Quynh Le's Practice

1302 North Pine Hills Road, Orlando, FL 32808
When wanting to experience excellent care and service, check out Dr. Anh Quynh Le. A well-trusted primary care physician Orlando FL has today, Dr. Le also specializes in adult medicine. Very professional and knowledgeable in her field, Dr. Le is considered one of the best Orlando physicians and has been in practice for 43 years. Dr. Le's practice aims excellence and is all about getting patients to a better level of health and wellness.

Neal Smith's Practice

2501 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32804
Dr. Neal Smith has 30 years of experience as a family doctor in Orlando. With this length of experience and his great personality, patients regard him as one of the best doctors in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from Loma Linda University in 1985. He has three hospital affiliations including Florida Hospital, Florida Hospital Kissimmee, and Florida Medical Center South. He operates his private practice together with other family doctors.

Vicki Hubbard's Practice

5201 Raymond Street, Orlando, FL 32803
To meet the standards of excellence and quality in family medicine, Dr. Vicki Hubbard implements evidence-based approaches in primary care. Dr. Hubbard is a board-certified Orlando family medicine practitioner and is affiliated with Orlando VA Medical Center. Managing a family health center Orlando patients have been visiting for years, this medical doctor comprehensively serves the health care needs of the entire family.

Stephen P. Gelovich's Practice

6001 Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819
Discover excellent primary care service with Dr. Stephen Gelovich. One of the most renowned Orlando family physicians, Dr. Gelovich always considers his clients as the top priority in care. A graduate of Temple University School of Medicine, this Orlando family physician has been in practice for 20 years already. Highly committed, Dr. Gelovich's practice is focused on the provision of holistic, patient-centered primary care.

David D. Jones's Practice

5201 Raymond Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Dr. David Jones is an Orlando family medicine practitioner who delivers cutting-edge treatments based on the latest research. One of the doctors in Orlando FL who offers highly advanced family medicine practice, Dr. Jones works actively to restore patients' wellness in the most efficient manner possible. Dr. Jones provides accurate diagnosis by utilizing a combination of specialized treatment care plans that best suit every patient's needs.

Roxanne Dujour's Practice

7350 Sand Lake Commons Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819
Dr. Roxanne Dujour is a family doctor Orlando patients have constantly depended on. Dr. Dujour leads one of the most-visited family health clinics in Orlando FL. With excellent physician ratings, Dr. Dujour's practice has achieved its reputation as one of the leading and most sought after in Orlando. Dr. Dujour also makes sure that all patient needs are met by providing well-managed health care and quality health regimens for the family.

Angel Nhuthuy Ho's Practice

1212 Woodward Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Providing prompt and accurate care when managing medical conditions, Dr. Angel Nhuthuy Ho is a primary care physician Orlando FL has today who works collaboratively with patients in addressing their health-care concerns. Being one of the most knowledgeable Orlando health physicians, Dr. Ho provides convenient service and makes strong health-care relationships with patients, in addition to quality medical care with a personal touch.

Hubert Lin's Practice

6000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819
Dr. Hubert Lin is one of the top Orlando family physicians who offers excellent and client-centered services for all medical cases. Leading a renowned Orlando family health center for many years now, Dr. Lin's practice helps patients get back to their optimum wellness by delivering competitive care via state-of-the-art technologies. For that next doctor search, consider Dr. Lin as the primary care provider.

Oscar Manuel Merida's Practice

12200 Menta Street, Orlando, FL 32837
When in need of a supportive partner in the journey to health, check out Dr. Oscar Manuel Merida. Dr. Merida is a board-certified primary care physician Orlando FL has today who provides patients and their families with extraordinary, well-rounded health-care services. This renowned Orlando doctor has an excellent overall patient rating and always delivers compassionate and continuing care whenever necessary.

Eva-Maria Heurich's Practice

100 West Gore Street, Orlando, FL 32806
Dr. Eva-Maria Heurich received her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice for 31 years. A veteran of the field and one of the most sought-after Orlando family physicians, Dr. Heurich's practice focuses on providing well-rounded services that are aimed to restore strength and function. As one of the primary care specialists Orlando has today, Dr. Heurich uses modern equipment to enhance recovery.

Edward Cabrera's Practice

20 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801
Dr. Edward Cabrera is a highly dedicated primary care physician in Orlando FL with a proven track record in enhancing the delivery of healthcare through sound business principles. A renowned family doctor, leading a well-recommended family medical center Orlando FL has today, Dr. Cabrera is a sought-after practitioner with his 28 years of experience in the field and active involvement in clinical patient management.

Hang Ju Chon's Practice

640 West South Street, Orlando, FL 32805
When faced with medical conditions that cause impairment in functions of daily living, Dr. Hang Ju Chon is the best primary care physician to visit. With 41 years of medical experience in Orlando family medicine, everything Dr. Chon does is research based; thus, patients and families are willing to hear him out. Being one of the most committed family doctors in Orlando, Dr. Chon's practice delivers primary care that makes a great difference.