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Best of 2019 - Family Doctors in Portland, OR

Here is the definitive list of Portland's family doctors as rated by the Portland, OR community. These professionals have received great reviews from customers for family medicine related appointments. Find out who made the cut and schedule an appointment today!

William F Mcbride Md Pc

4475 Southwest Scholls Ferry Road, Suite 150, Portland, OR 97225
Regarded as one of the trusted and leading family doctors in Portland Oregon, Dr. William McBride takes enough time to do comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, and treatment for all clients' complaints. Specializing in family medicine, Dr. McBride has an excellent medical knowledge as regards patient care and performs well-rounded medical care services for members of the whole family. Dr. McBride also has very good patient reviews.

Langtree Studio

316 NE 19th Ave, Suite C, Portland, OR 97232
Langtree Studio is a space dedicated to chiropractic wellness, vitality, empowerment, corrective exercise, and yoga. The studio encourages people of all ages to take a journey into self-discovery and body awareness. Each treatment session is tailored to the individual. The following services are provided: chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine, Network Spinal Analysis, postural analysis, and gait analysis.

Dianna Lynn Henson's Practice

1585 Southwest Marlow Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97225
Awarded as one of the top family medicine practitioners in Portland, Dr. Dianna Lynn Henson is a primary care physician who specializes in naturopathic medicine. This Portland family health-care provider offers global integrative medical solutions when managing patients' signs and symptoms. Known to be one of the best doctors in Portland, Dr. Henson's practice implements personalized approaches for the entire family.

Maureen E. Mays's Practice

8855 Southwest Canyon Lane, Portland, OR 97225
Maureen E. Mays is among the best doctors in Portland who have gained great reviews from their past clients. She specializes in vascular medicine, preventive cardiology, cardiovascular disease genetics, exercise physiology, and cardiac rehabilitation. This Portland doctor offers personalized care in a clean and comfortable office and has a team of friendly and courteous staff working hard to ensure that their patients are well taken care of.

Imelda C. Kelly's Practice

10000 Southeast Main Street, Portland, OR 97216
There is a Portland family practice that caters to patient satisfaction. Imelda C. Kelly, a Portland doctor, forms trust with her patients by providing them with the expert attention they need. Patients' conditions are clearly explained, and Dr. Kelly answers any questions or concerns they might have. Because this doctor takes the time to explain the condition in a friendly tone, it is easy for patients to understand and trust her judgment.

Family Medical Group Northeast, P.C.

2647 Northeast 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97212
Family Medical Group Northeast is a Portland family practice center that has been providing primary medical care since 1985. A well-known Portland family clinic, its mission is to deliver high-quality care through a caring, compassionate, and welcoming manner. This family medical center has the most friendly staff and some of the well-commended and highly skilled family practice physicians in Portland.

Cascade Family Practice

7215 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
Cascade Family Practice is a Portland family health center that is able to provide all basic medical care including, but not limited to, x-ray, ECG, and various laboratory examinations. Manned by one of the most thoughtful and kind Portland doctors, with some of the highly dedicated health-care providers, this primary care clinic has been providing high-quality services to the greater Portland area for over 30 years now.

Sunset Family Practice Group Pc

12400 Northwest Cornell Road, Portland, OR 97229
Portland family practice Sunset Family Practice Group PC seeks to exceed patients' expectations in family health care. Sunset Family takes the word "family" seriously, and they treat patients as such. Patients feel sincere care and respect coming from this clinic's doctors in Portland. They will not keep you waiting nor give you anything short of the best, from service to equipment used. At Sunset Family Practice, family health is on top.

Bryan D. Walls, D.O. P.C.

2306 Southeast 39th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Dr. Bryan D. Walls, D.O., P.C. owns a Portland family practice. As one of the top doctors in Portland Oregon, Dr. Walls attends to patients both young and old. He is capable of tending to different kinds of sicknesses, including minor surgeries such as vasectomies and biopsies. Dr. Walls has had his own practice for over 15 years and has gathered a considerable number of loyal clients. Patients trust him because of his excellent skills.

Jerrold L Snow

5536 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97206
Dr. Jerrold L. Snow has his own Portland family practice. This doctor has been a resident of Portland for over 20 years. He considers that community as his family and treats them as such. Comfort and respect is provided to all his patients, from newborns to seniors. In his Portland family clinic, Dr. Snow not only treats ailments but also makes sure to educate the patient in prevention and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Simon K. Chan's Practice

6445 North Greeley Avenue, Portland, OR 97217
From sickness to wellness, believe that Dr. Simon Chan will bring all patients back to their best state of health. Dr. Chan is a well-regarded doctor Portland has today who offers enhanced, coordinated medical care for all his patients. One of Portland's top doctors, Dr. Chan's practice aims to make a positive difference by providing customer-focused service and patient-centered primary care, made possible by using the latest medical technology.

Columbia Family Medical Associates, Pc

5847 Northeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97230
With a team of some of the leading and sought-after Portland doctors, Columbia Family Medical Associates is a multi-specialty medical group that offers advanced services in primary health care. Founded in 1985, the well-skilled Portland Oregon doctors in this premier Portland family clinic give importance to the use of systematic and patient-centered approach that supports their involvement, giving access to the highest quality health care.

Integrated Medicine Group

163 Northeast 102nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220
Integrated Medicine Group is a Portland family health center that helps patients enhance their quality of life whatever their health issues may be. This family practice clinic is headed by one of the most knowledgeable and friendly doctors Portland Oregon has today who takes enough time to do a comprehensive review of all patients' medical records and to conduct a full assessment before treatments.

Lindsay Baker's Practice

7689 Southwest Capitol Highway, Portland, OR 97219
Lindsay Baker's Practice is a Portland family health care provider that is home to top professionals such as massage therapists, primary care doctors and naturopaths. As a Portland family clinic, Lindsay Baker's Practice makes it a point to help its clients through one-on-one personalized treatments and sessions that are reasonably priced. In addition, they are keen on maintaining the quality of their services for all their patients.

Hyla Dickson's Practice

8933 North Lombard Street, Portland, OR 97203
Hyla Dickson's Practice is a medical clinic considered as one of the best Portland family health care provider there is. It boasts of professionals including massage therapists and primary care doctors who provide their clients with various medical services at affordable rates. As a Portland family clinic, Hyla Dickson's Practice makes it a point to help its clients through well-curated treatments for individuals and families.

Andrew Owen's Practice

3181 Southwest Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland, OR 97239
Dr. Andrew Owen owns a Portland family practice that is always ready to provide premium health care. This Portland doctor takes care of patients from babies to senior citizens. Whatever the case, Dr. Owen has the expertise to handle it with care. His clinical staff takes after Dr. Owen in patient care; each patient is treated courteously and assured comfort even inside the waiting area. Dr. Owen's practice looks out for patients' best health.​

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