Find the top-rated physical therapists in Atlanta

Georgia Tech Sports Medicine & Rehab

150 Bobby Dodd Way Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313
For a top-notch physical therapist Atlanta GA patients can lean on, choose Georgia Tech Sports Medicine & Rehab. This healthcare center has two of the most notable physical therapists in the field with reputations of being steadfast providers of top-of-the-line manual therapies to better improve the health of patients incapacitated by musculoskeletal conditions and keep them performing their best.

Icebox Cryotherapy

3872 Roswell Road, Suite A2, Atlanta, GA 30342
Icebox Cryotherapy specializes in whole body & localized cryotherapy. This physical therapy center offers non-invasive cold therapy targeting athletic recovery, pain management, and overall health, beauty & wellness. The team takes pride in their unique method of physical therapy in Atlanta Georgia. Make an appointment and try their unique therapy experience that only a few clinics in the area offer.

David Schiff's Practice

5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE, Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30342
A renowned physical therapist Atlanta is truly proud of, David Schiff has been providing years of quality physical therapy care for all musculoskeletal emergencies. David Schiff's practice promotes comprehensive provision of care in physical therapy in Atlanta and starts by performing an initial examination of every case and then determining a proper diagnosis, making it one of the highly recommended and trusted in physical therapy care.

Keith Gray LMT

566 Pharr Road Northeast, Suite 204, Atlanta, GA 30305
Keith Gray LMT is a licensed physical therapist who focuses on massage. Various clients go to this physical therapist in Atlanta to avail of his massage therapies tailored for pro athletes. He is considered one of the best physical therapists in Atlanta GA because of his expertise in dealing with athletes and doing sports physical therapy. His years in the field have honed his skills and knowledge on how to properly approach every patients' need.

Physiotherapy Associates- Lake Hearn

1100 Lake Hearn Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30342
A high-ranking outpatient rehabilitative center, Physiotherapy Associates - Lake Hearn introduces the best physical therapy in Atlanta through a line of superior physiotherapy service offerings. The therapists in this wellness facility are skilled to provide comprehensive assessment of the body's movement and function then formulate and implement a treatment plan comprising of manual therapies, therapeutic activities, and corrective exercises.

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

1968 Peachtree Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30309
An Atlanta physical therapy facility, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is one of the most recommended and one of the highly visited when seeking for physical therapy management. With a highly skilled physical therapist in Atlanta, this center has been providing top-of-the-line services that never fail to meet all client needs. To make sure all client demands are met, this center delivers only research-based techniques via the latest technologies.


6065 Roswell Rd, Suite 220, Atlanta, GA 30328
Crouse Rehab Associates is a physical therapy Atlanta Georgia that focuses on problem areas such as the shoulders, knees, back, hips, balance ankles and neck. Because each individual is unique, a select physical therapy regimen is assigned to each patient. The clinic aims to give the client the therapy that would put them on the road to recovery and eventually maintain a good quality of life with peak bodily performance.

Physiotherapy Associates

1669 Phoenix Pkwy, Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30349
Physiotherapy Associates is a team of licensed physical therapists serving the Atlanta GA area. What sets this clinic apart from the others is that they offer the best physical therapy in Atlanta with orthopedics/sports physical therapy, including aquatics, dry needling, manual therapy, and workman's comp. Swing by the physical therapy office, get assessed and at the same time be greeted by the warm staff.

physio therapy associates

1720 Peachtree St, Suite 422, Atlanta, GA 30309
Physio Therapy Associates is an Atlanta physical therapy clinic. It consists of a team of physical therapists, each an expert in their field of practice. The goal is to give the best physical therapy Atlanta‚Äč residents can be proud of. As individuals are unique, the treatments are based on what the client needs. The center is committed to providing a better life for the clients. The clinic urges everyone with any discomfort to come by the office.

Therapeutic Exercises, Inc.

67 Peachtree Park Dr NE, Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30309
Therapeutic Exercises, Inc. offers one of the best physical therapy in Atlanta. Composed of a team of physical therapists, and using select physical therapy targeting the client's needs, the local physical therapists in this clinic are committed to healing any discomfort or pain the client may be in. Visit the clinic to be properly assessed and be given a well-planned therapy that will result to active and healthy lifestyles.

Genesis Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

3890 Redwine Road Southwest, Suite 114, Atlanta, GA 30331
Dubbed as one of the best providers of physical therapy in Atlanta, Genesis Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation has been serving the Atlanta community with quality medical services. They feature a roster of professional physical therapists who can offer personalized services for every client. In addition, this Atlanta physical therapy clinic also aims to keep the quality of its services through latest techniques and innovations.

BenchMark Physical Therapy

3200 Downwood Circle Northwest, Suite 380, Atlanta, GA 30327
BenchMark is known as the premier provider of physical therapy in Atlanta. This Atlanta physical therapy clinic consists of professional and licensed practitioners who specialize on sports physical therapy, physiotherapy, and other specialty treatments. They take pride in providing personalized sessions for every client that are tailored fit to meet every patient's needs and requirements. In addition, their rates come at affordable prices.

Fusion ATL

3280 Peachtree Road Northwest, Suite 160, Atlanta, GA 30305
Fusion ATL is the premier provider of physical therapy in Atlanta. It was established by a licensed and professional doctor, Dr. Stacy Hosp, who has been a practitioner for the past several years. She specializes in physiotherapy, sports physical therapy, and general medical treatments. Moreover, this Atlanta physical therapy clinic provides quality care that is personalized and curated for every client's case.

Anna Brown's Practice

1671 W Nancy Creek Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30319
Dr. Anna Brown is a licensed professional who has been specializing in physical therapy in Atlanta. Her clinic boasts of a professional and well-trained staff who offers physiotherapy, sports physical therapy, medical treatments, and other health and wellness services. This Atlanta physical therapy clinic has been keeping its quality services at a standard by being up to date with the latest techniques and technology.

Nehama Schondorf's Practice

5881 Glenridge Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30328
Since being licensed as a professional, Dr. Nehama Schondorf established her own Atlanta physical therapy center. It is known for providing clients with various services such as physiotherapy, sports physical therapy, medical massages, and so much more. For one that provides physical therapy in Atlanta, this specialized clinic takes pride in offering personalized services tailored fit for each client.