Find the top-rated physical therapists in Brooklyn

Southwest Physical Therapy

255 Windsor Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Southwest Physical Therapy in Brooklyn provides massage therapy and Reiki in treating problems that have been unresponsive to previous surgeries and medications. It also provides myofascial release as not only effective in the resolution of pain, but also an effective tool which allows the individual to greatly enhance his growth and potential. Brooklyn physical therapy associates' comprehensive physical therapy success win their patients trust.

Elim Healthcare Services, PT PC

487 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207
Brooklyn physical therapy is at its best with Elim Healthcare Services. Its resident physical therapist in Brooklyn, NY is Durojaiye Ojetayo. He knows exactly the need of every patient who comes to him because of his mastery in the field of physical therapy. He uses personalized treatment plans for the patients because he believes that everyone has a unique need depending on their own health status and well-being.

Dr. Abdelrahman E. Salem, DPT

2657 Batchelder Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Dr. Abdelrahman Salem is a well-experienced physical therapist in Brooklyn specializing in various health and wellness services. He renders services revolving around physical therapy in Brooklyn and this includes physiotherapy, medical and therapeutic massages, aquatic therapeutic treatments, and so much more. In addition, Dr. Salem does not only provide quality services but reasonably priced treatments as well.

Dmitry Shestakovsky's Practice

2327 83rd Street, Suite C, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky is a Brooklyn physical therapist who specializes in Manual Therapy. He utilizes advanced techniques in his treatment plans. His goal is to facilitate healing through manual medicine and education. Restoring and advancing the individual to his or her maximum ability level is what his clinic is all about. He raises the awareness of Brooklyn to health in physical therapy through these methods.

Back To Health Physical Therapy, Pc

2004 West 27th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11691
Brooklyn physical therapist, Mark Vaysman, and occupational therapist, Marc Frost, are experts in health-related conditions to reduce pain and improve mobility. They pride themselves on exceptional service, progressive treatment, and a wealth of knowledge to help patients through the rehabilitation process at Back to Health Physical Therapy, Pc. This Brooklyn health physical therapy clinic offers orthopedic and children's rehabilitation.

Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy, PC

202 Union Ave, Suite K, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy, PC is a clinic of sports physical therapy in Brooklyn NY, which specializes in the management of orthopedic injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. The clinic's team of licensed physical therapists are experts in developing individual treatment programs using a multidisciplinary approach and utilizes manual therapy, therapeutic and sports specific exercise and patient education to get the best results.

Dr. Antoine M. Hitti, DPT

430 79th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Dr. Antoine M. Hitti, DPT is a physical therapist in Brooklyn NY who has been in practice since 2006. Dr. Hitti is both manual and sports physical therapist. Dr. Hitti's vast experience in treating patients with pain syndromes enables him to provide a hands-on approach to getting the patient back to their optimum best. He believes in the philosophy: “Patient motivation is a key ingredient in physical therapy rehabilitation.”

Caroline Feig's Practice

113 Clara Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
When looking for quality Brooklyn health physical therapy, Caroline Feig's practice is the answer. In this physical therapist office, they apply physical therapy specialties such as manual therapy and The Feldenkrais method, as well as other therapies. As a physical therapist in Brooklyn, she is dedicated to her craft and to aid the healing of individuals. Book an appointment and pave the way to a better life.

Refuah Physical Therapy, Pc

2918 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11210
This medical clinic is known for specializing in professional physical therapy in Brooklyn. They have a roster of registered physical therapists who can handle a variety of treatments for clients who are in need of health or wellness services. Brooklyn physical therapy takes pride in providing high-quality care with an emphasis on manual techniques in a modest, compassionate, and friendly environment.

Ari Levine's Sports Community Physical Therapy

468 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Ari Levine's Sports Community Physical Therapy is completely committed to providing the highest quality of care in outpatient physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY. This Brooklyn physical therapy clinic offers therapies for injuries and painful conditions. Ari Levine, its outstanding Brooklyn physical therapist, also teaches the client injury prevention and assists in recovery. All his methods lead to maximizing each client’s well-being.

Family Physical Therapy of NY LLP

3036 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229
Family Physical Therapy of NY LLP is an office of advanced physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY, which specializes in noninvasive and natural treatment methods to treat a range of painful body conditions. This Brooklyn physical therapy facility offers treatments for migraine, body aches, and all types of injuries, including rehabilitation programs for pregnant mothers. The clinic specializes in orthopedic physical therapy.

Millicent Luft's Practice

2813 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Millicent Luft's Practice is a specialist/clinic of physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY, that specializes in rehabilitation that helps in regaining normal function. Dr. Luft's programs include therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, and training in activities of daily living. This Brooklyn physical therapist treats disease, injury, or loss of a bodily part by physiotherapy, such as the application of light, heat, and cold.

The Brooklyn M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym)

1514 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235
The Brooklyn M.O.G. (Medically Oriented Gym), a clinic of premier physical therapy in Brooklyn, NY, offers a medically oriented fitness and physical rehabilitation for people with conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. This facility of PT in Brooklyn works to make sure that its patients receive the highest quality of care, in a warm, friendly environment, to achieve health as quick as possible.

Igor Feldman's Practice

2310 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Dr. Igor Feldman is a physical therapist in Brooklyn, NY who specializes in bringing back lost or impaired mobility due to a variety of conditions. Dr. Feldman performs manual adjustment procedures in addition to a range of natural modalities including aquatic therapy and physical therapy exercises to alleviate painful body discomforts. This Brooklyn physical therapist is certified to work in the state of New York.

Magic Hands Physical Therapy

1901 82ND STREET, FIRST FLOOR, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Magic Hands Physical Therapy is a cutting-edge center for physical therapy Brooklyn patients trust for lasting pain relief and freedom from injury. In this Brooklyn physical therapy clinic, patients can have confidence that they are in good hands as it applies only the highest standards of practice in each physical therapy specialty performed, thus ensuring that not only the symptoms are relieved​ but also the root cause of the pain or injury.

Complete Physical Therapy

134 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Complete Physical Therapy is the leading source of expert physical therapy Brooklyn NY clients can depend on. This health and wellness center ensures that through physical medicine and rehabilitation, patients will be free from movement limitations caused by neuromusculoskeletal disorders or injuries as a result of work/accidents. Its interventions include manual therapy techniques, functional training, and corrective exercises, among others.