Find the top-rated physical therapists in Jacksonville

Heartland Rehabilation

6500 Fort Caroline Road, Jacksonville, FL 32277
Heartland Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL offers rehab services for a full range of conditions in physiotherapy. This Jacksonville physical therapy center provides care for patients of all ages. This clinic is capable of addressing recovery from major surgery, strokes, or heart attacks. Their therapists can even deal with other chronic illnesses or injuries. They will address every and any physical need to bring the patient a healthy life.

Access Physical Therapy, LLC

7855 Argyle Forest Blvd, Suite 501, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Access Physical Therapy, LLC offers treatments for a range of conditions that cause pain and discomfort. This Jacksonville physical therapy center provides rehabilitation for the following: orthopedic and sports injuries, back and neck pain, post surgical conditions, arthritis, work injuries, chronic pain, TMJ, and headaches. As a comprehensive provider of physical therapy in Jacksonville FL, it also offers massage and pediatric physical therapy.

In Motion Physical Therapy

4776 Hodges Boulevard, Suite 101, Jacksonville, FL 32224
In Motion Physical Therapy clinic provides excellent rehabilitation programs in an encouraging and supportive environment. This Jacksonville physical therapy center provides therapy for conditions involving the shoulder, spine, elbow/wrist/hand, hip, ankle/foot, and knee. The clinic also offers services in massage and aquatic therapy, to help reduce pain, re-educate muscle balance, and improve recovery.

Select Physical Therapy

8101 Southside Boulevard, Suite 9, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Select Physical Therapy is one of the leading clinics of physical therapy in Jacksonville FL. This Jacksonville physical therapy center puts importance on the experience of a patient. The patient must feel positive and satisfied with the clinical and customer service provided to them. To make this happen, these therapists show sincere compassion for their patients' ailments and work with the patient to create a personalized plan to recovery.

Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy

13595 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite B, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, work injuries, car accident injuries, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and arthritic conditions affecting the hands, arms and legs. This Jacksonville physical therapy center also performs the following: pre-op and post-op care, therapeutic exercise, posture and workstation modification, manual therapy techniques, and home exercises.

Heartland Rehabilitation Services

1215 Dunn Avenue, Suite 6, Jacksonville, FL 32218
Heartland Rehabilitation Services is a top-rated outpatient Jacksonville physical therapy center with a commitment of delivering premium rehabilitative interventions embedded with the highest standards of practice. With its well-distinguished specialists, patients with musculoskeletal problems will experience an advanced physical therapy care coupled with adjunctive therapeutic modalities that will surely provide lasting pain relief.

Michelle Delany's Practice

165 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32092
When in need of the best-quality physical therapy in Jacksonville FL, check out Michelle Delany's practice. Led by Michelle Dachton Delany, an experienced and reputable physical therapist in Jacksonville FL, the clinic's team of therapists help every patient achieve their health goals in a holistic and well-rounded approach. They offer therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, as well as advanced physical therapy treatments at reasonable prices.

Baptist Physical Therapy

810 Lane Avenue South, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Baptist Physical Therapy is a well-recommended Jacksonville physical therapy center committed to promoting health and maximum independence to patients from all walks of life. Using state-of-the-art manual therapies and therapeutic exercise programs, patients with pain, mobility, and functional problems can experience relief and recovery brought about by premier physical therapy offered by this facility.

Avenues Cancer Care Institute

6144 South Gazebo Park Place, Ste 211, Jacksonville, FL 32257
A well-commended Jacksonville physical therapy facility, Avenues Cancer Care Institute offers well-rounded treatment care plans for all physical therapy emergencies. Providing advanced techniques in physical therapy Jacksonville residents can avail of and with a highly skilled physical therapist, this clinic is considered one of the best providers of care for all musculoskeletal cases, helping clients achieve wellness and optimum health.

Focus Physical Therapy

869 Stockton Street, Unit 3, Jacksonville, FL 32204
With a highly skilled physical therapist, Jacksonville FL patients can depend on specialized treatments with the best outcomes at Focus Physical Therapy. Offering treatment programs for the spine, orthopedic (joint), balance/gait, Aquatic Therapy, and Massage Therapy, this well-commended Jacksonville FL physical therapy facility uses a hands-on manual therapy approach in providing professional quality health care to all patients.

Sportscare Institute

3716 University Boulevard South, Suite 4, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Sportscare Institute is a Jacksonville physical therapy center that has been providing years of excellent and accelerated physical therapy techniques for all cases concerning the musculoskeletal system. This clinic not only offers advanced treatment care plans in physical medicine and rehabilitation but also delivers well-rounded services for all physical therapy cases, be it sports-related injuries or generalized functional disabilities.

Comprehensive Therapy Center of Jacksonville

6320 St Augustine Rd, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32217
A highly commended Jacksonville physical therapy facility, Comprehensive Therapy Center of Jacksonville offers top-of-its-class treatment regimens and care plans for sports physical therapy and physical therapy exercises. With a highly skilled and certified physical therapist Jacksonville FL has today, this clinic is considered one of the best providers of care for all physical therapy emergencies, such as work- and sports-related injuries.

Synergy Studio

3576 Saint Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Synergy Studio is a highly renowned, fully-equipped Pilates studio in Jacksonville FL. It has enjoyed its excellent reputation in the community since November 2000. This Jacksonville physical therapy center is a training facility for Polestar Pilates Education that can be booked online. Pilates exercises are incorporated in their prescribed therapies to augment the traditional physical therapy treatment skill set.


7855 Argyle Forest Boulevard, Suite 504, Jacksonville, FL 32244
John Goetze Physical Therapy is a Jacksonville physical therapy center with two admirable priorities: commitment to their community, and putting patients first. Everything else its physical therapists have and do, from their excellent skills to their high-quality care, is to fulfil their priorities. This PT center puts focus on whole body health; services like massage therapy and acupuncture are available in addition to physical rehabilitation.​

Fred Wilson's Practice

6910 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32211
Fred Wilson owns a Jacksonville physical therapy center that provides physiotherapy which is nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Wilson and his staff work together with their patients to get a better understanding of the body and its injuries. Thus, they are able to offer personalized treatment that best promotes healing and a quick recovery. Dr. Wilson leads his staff to provide comfort to their patients even outside of therapy sessions.

Michelle Despres's Practice

7033 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 2, Jacksonville, FL 32220
Michelle Despres has long established her Jacksonville physical therapy center as a premier physical therapy clinic. Since her graduation in 1998, Despres has dedicated her work to Workers’ Compensation patients. Patient comfort and complete recovery are her top priority. This includes education on physical therapy to patients as well as other practitioners. Her dedication to physical therapy made her recognized in her community.