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Let us help you find the perfect PT


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We use the aquatic environment and the special magical properties of water to assist us with returning function to patients. We, also, reduce pain levels using this same special environment. It is a very unique environment to receive rehabilitation!

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

I am a licensed Physical Therapist certified in aquatic physical therapy, with 32 years of experience in physical therapy treating a wide variety of diagnosed conditions! I treat children to geriatric past 100 years old. The unique part of this speciality rehabilitation field is that I can treat many conditions that are difficult, if not near impossible to treat on land do to the many properties of water. I've treated people who are 500 lbs, quadriplegic, stroke patients, cardiac patients, as well as, most orthopedic and sports related, post operative (surgery), and injury diagnosed conditions. It is a proactive approach to rehab that often realizes far quicker results than more traditional land based physical therapy rehab. Those patients that are extremely obese, in severe pain, severely disabled all can become instantly more functional in the water environment due to the assistance of both the water properties, as well as, the specialized aquatic rehab equipment that is used

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Assisting many patients improve their level of function and reduce their level of pain symptoms, resulting in raising the quality of their life. We are thrilled to be able to treat successfully so many people that were unsuccessful in their attempt to improve with standard land based physical therapy. They were depressed and felt they were sentenced to a life of disability and lack of function! Then we came and made a hugh difference, first starting with "hope", then followed with significant physical improvement!

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