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Therapydia Portland

2808 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214
Therapydia Portland is a Portland physical therapy center that provides one-on-one treatment care plans to help patients recover faster and easier. To be able to implement advanced techniques in physical therapy Portland Oregon patients can take advantage of, this facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and accelerated physical therapy care, which help in improving patients' quality of life and in producing excellent therapeutic results.

Stride Strong Physical Therapy

12849 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229
Stride Strong Physical Therapy in Portland, OR is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that is geared towards treating lower extremity injuries. From marathon athletes to patients recovering from total joint replacements, the clinic has experts in lower body dysfunctions and rehabilitation who can treat them. Its physical therapists utilize hi-tech cameras to capture videos of walking and/or running from several views.

Optimal Results Physical Therapy

511 Southwest 10th Avenue, Suite 101, Portland, OR 97205
A small, one-on-one Portland physical therapy office, Optimal Results Physical Therapy promotes healing in a timely manner. They resolve symptoms quickly for clients to change back to full function. With skilled physical therapists, Keith Glasser and Sanatan Golden, they specialize in active therapy working with patients abreast to provide the tools needed to recover fast and improve health and performance.

Jennifer Grimes's Practice

2385 Northwest Westover Road, Portland, OR 97210
Jennifer Grimes is a physical therapist in Portland. In her practice, the patients are thoroughly assessed and evaluated before physical therapy treatments are done so as to give the most appropriate treatment. This physical therapy in Portland OR is easily accessible, making it easy for the patients to locate. The practice also promises that each patient is handled with great care by the physical therapist and the staff.

Whole Body Health Physical Therapy

2525 Northwest Lovejoy Street, Suite 205, Portland, OR 97210
Whole Body Health Physical Therapy is a facility belonging to the top list of experts in physical therapy Portland OR has. From the name itself, this professional physical therapy provider prides itself in treating each patient holistically and not just the presenting symptoms. Through this approach, patients are not just free of musculoskeletal dysfunction, but they are able to achieve full recovery and total well-being as well.

Rose City Physical Therapy

1515 Northwest 18th Avenue, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97209
Owned and operated by couple Karl and Sasha Kolbeck, Pettygrove Physical Therapy of Portland Oregon works with its patients and their referring physicians to establish personalized physical therapy rehabilitation programs for improving function. Advanced training and specialty certifications among the staff is substantial, and the types of physical therapists in the clinic include board-certified orthopedic specialists.

Bridgetown Physical Therapy

1500 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97201
Bridgetown Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon specializes in orthopedic and sports physical therapy designed to get patients back to their normal activities and sports. The clinic's physical therapists are Mark Travis Hatfield, Joshua Frederick Kernen, Allison Garrity Theen, Stephanie Schultz, and Darla Kim Phillips. They provide personal training services in a fully-equipped studio and they offer individualized therapies to every patient.

Therapeutic Associates Northeast Portland Physical Therapy

4040 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212
At Therapeutic Associates Northeast Portland Physical Therapy, they strive to provide a level of care unmatched to their kind. The clinic's team of experts combine manual therapy, patient education, and therapeutic exercises in evaluating and treating patients. Aubree Benson and Belen Vala-Haynes, notable physical therapists in Portland, maintain a high standard of care to better understand their patients' conditions.

Rockwood Physical Therapy

12151 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97220
Rockwood Physical Therapy in Portland, OR is serving the community since 1981. Its physical therapists address the cause of body pain and not just treat its symptoms. This approach ensures the resolution of a particular patient concern. With a special computer controlled equipment, the therapists carefully evaluate painful limitation of motion as an objective baseline so that they can measure changes and responses to treatment efficacy.

Tai Downtown Portland Physical Therapy

837 SW 1st Ave, Suite 150, Portland, OR 97204
Downtown Portland Physical Therapy is committed to providing excellent and personalized care. The clinic provides treatments and therapies for motor vehicle accident injuries, sports-related injuries, and body pains. The clinic's facility provides access to everything a patient needs for recovery. Its staff consists of highly trained physical therapists in Portland who combine advanced orthopedic and manual therapy education with healthy living.

Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic

9828 East Burnside Street, Suite 250, Portland, OR 97216
Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Portland is a center that provides a healing environment and practitioners that practice physical therapy at the highest possible level. Their team of physical therapists will help address the underlying cause of the pain and movement dysfunction before recommending the proper approach. Services include prescribed aquatic therapy, sports physical therapy and physical therapy exercises.

Freed Bodywork

833 Southeast Main Street, Portland, OR 97214
Freed Bodywork is a Portland physical therapy facility that has the well-known physical therapist Meagan in residence. She has honed her structural integration knowledge and specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and movement therapies while offering physical therapy services tailor-made for each patient. With her skills, Freed Bodywork is considered as one of the best physical therapy clinics in Portland Oregon.


407 Northeast 12th Avenue, Suite 102, Portland, OR 97232
When in need of a famous and reputable physical therapist in Portland who could help with one's physical rehabilitation needs, consider checking out HLTPS Inc. This Portland physical therapy clinic has registered and experienced specialists who offer effective treatment sessions to help clients with various musculoskeletal issues, women's health problems, and cranial sacral therapy needs, among others.

Erhardt Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, pc

8375 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225
Erhardt Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is a Portland physical therapy clinic conducive to getting well and leading a happy, healthy lifestyle. Owner Jonathan Erhardt, along with other licensed practitioners and his highly trained staff provide one on one care and full attention treatments to every patient's unique condition and circumstances. A wide variety of advanced physical therapy treatments are offered at this clinic.

Providence Bethany Rehab

15640 Northwest Laidlaw Road, Suite 202, Portland, OR 97229
A clinic with physical therapy in Portland, Providence Bethany Rehab has served more than 86,000 clients, adults and children, last year alone. Community members turn to Providence for services after experiencing illness, injury or disability to regain back strength and functionality. Servicing physical therapist in Portland, Heather Casebolt facilitate rehabilitation among the physical therapy services he can provide with.

Jennifer Hargis's Practice

7203 Southeast Raymond Street, Portland, OR 97206
Jennifer Hargis's practice is popular West Portland physical therapy clinic. For any discomfort or pain, her team of physical therapists will be of service. Together with premier physical therapy is their dedication and passion to give the best care. The team is highly skilled and the clinic is deemed to be one of the best physical therapy clinics in Portland Oregon. Make an appointment so that a one-on-one session can be planned.

West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, LLC

1630 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205
A great team of famous physical therapists' practice begins when clients cross the threshold of West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, a haven where health and healing are paramount. These therapists get to the core of the condition and rehabilitative needs. They treat disease, injury, and deformity by accelerated physical therapy, such as through massage, heat treatment, and exercise, rather than through drugs or surgery.

Anthony Wolff's Practice

1015 Northwest 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210
Board certified orthopedic physical therapist in Portland, Anthony J. Wolff accepts the variety of patient care opportunities his practice, Legacy Physical Therapy, provides. He uses mechanical diagnosis and therapy/the McKenzie method to guide treatment of both spine, upper and lower extremity conditions. He also offers comprehensive physical therapy services such as orthopedic rehabilitation, myofascial release and soft tissue release.

Heather Hannam's Practice

9204 Southeast Mitchell Street, Portland, OR 97266
Heather Hannam, certified physical therapist in Portland, brings her practice at the Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center since 1997 delivering a high priority on education and hands-on treatment in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Heather and the great team of professionals, provides high quality physical therapy in Portland Oregon to give the body a natural way to recover from trauma and stresses of life.

Sylvan Hill Physical Therapy Dan Nafziger, PT

5415 Southwest Westgate Drive, Suite LL3, Portland, OR 97221
Dan Ray Nafziger devote his practice at Sylvan Hill Physical Therapy in Portland OR. He is honored to be of assistance in the treatment of his Sylvan Hill patients' premier physical therapy needs. Dan specializes in many areas of therapy including electrical stimulation, chronic pain, soft tissue release, orthopedic rehabilitation, and trigger point dry needle. As a doctor of physical therapy, Dan offers advanced physical therapy treatments.

Stride Strong Physical Therapy

2350 Northeast Griffin Oaks Street, Suite #100, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Stride Strong Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon is an outpatient clinic that provides treatments for musculoskeletal problems. Some of the common problems that the physical therapists in this clinic deal with are neck pains, back pains, and foot injuries. This clinic has running injury experts who utilize video gait analysis methods to find out a patient's running troubles that should be corrected.

Mitchell Physical Therapy Inc

5212 Southeast 52nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97206
Mitchell Physical Therapy in Portland, OR offers treatments for shoulder impingement, rotator cuff pathology, spinal stenosis, sciatica, patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee pain, hamstring strains, pelvic pain during pregnancy, headaches, neck pain, Achilles​ tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and golfers and tennis elbow. The clinic's physical therapists are Stephen Mitchell, Tarah Hoelter, and Susan Gibbons.

Life's Work Physical Therapy

700 NE Multnomah St, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97232
Life's Work Physical Therapy in Portland, OR is a group of qualified, passionate, and sincere professionals who have chosen to make a career out of helping patients succeed. The clinic's physical therapists customize treatment plans based upon the patient’s specific problem(s), years of clinical experience, and evidence-based practice. They are committed to providing patients the best physical therapy experience.

Laurelhurst Village

3060 Southeast Stark Street, Portland, OR 97214
Laurelhurst Village offers a community style setting allowing residents the luxury of knowing a trained staff member is always close by ready and willing to help. It provides a full range of exceptional senior living and skilled care options designed to accommodate and enable clients to get the most from their retirement years. Its physical therapist in Portland, OR gives physical medicine and rehabilitation services seven days a week.

Upper Echelon Fitness & Rehabilitation

1420 Northwest 17th Avenue, Suite 388, Portland, OR 97209
Upper Echelon Fitness and Rehabilitation is a Portland clinic for physical therapy. The clinic's services concern with endurance athletics, experienced athletes, weekend warriors, and individuals looking to restart their physical activity. Its physical therapist in Portland, Emily Ohlin, gives wellness coaching, performance coaching, training programs, and consultations. She gives periodized training plans that add structure to one's training.

Portland Sports Medicine & Spine Physical Therapy

1610 Southeast Glenwood Street, Portland, OR 97202
Portland Sports Medicine and Spine Physical Therapy is a clinic that deals with acute and chronic disorders or injuries of the neuro-musculoskeletal system that result in pain, limitations, and disability. The neuro-musculoskeletal system involves the nerves, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues of the body. Physical therapy in Portland, Oregon was elevated with the treatment plans of this clinic.