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Dynamic Physical Therapy

1519 East Lark Street, 3675 W State, Springfield, MO 65804

Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center

902 West Battlefield Road, Suite B, Springfield, MO 65807
Stan specializes in a unique and highly effective non-surgical, non-drug approach to the relief of chronic pain and acute pain and dysfunction in the muscles and soft tissues. By identifying and treating underlying causes of muscular pain and by teaching self-care techniques, he helps patients achieve pain relief and prevent recurrence.

Johnson Physical Therapy

929 East Montclair Street, Suite 104, Springfield, MO 65807

Roberto Arat's Practice

2200 East Sunshine Street, Suite 207, Springfield, MO 65804

Cory Carr's Practice

1602 East Republic Road, Springfield, MO 65804

John Precise's Practice

3303 East Lombard Street, Springfield, MO 65802

David Metz's Practice

1532 East Primrose Street, Springfield, MO 65804

Katie Fails's Practice

4331 South Fremont Avenue, Springfield, MO 65804

Karen Rakowski's Practice

1235 East Cherokee Street, Springfield, MO 65804

Erin Tucker's Practice

3629 South Linden Avenue, Springfield, MO 65804