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Eileen Frances Buese's Practice
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Bethesda, Maryland
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I am a long-time divorced older middle-aged Irish-German_English mix agnostic who believes in something greater than (when pushed I call it Mother Nature/Energy Connection) and leaning toward reincarnation given some of my experiences as an energy healer and animal communicator, mother of one young approaching middle age (yikes, I am too young to have a daughter that old!!) adult happily married daughter with a great husband and three fantastic kids, the oldest two (6yo girl and 5 yo boy) have beaten autism!!! with their parents early detection, research and hiring the best and all possible treatments and performing them themselves also after hours and Sundays, and working hard to earn the $$ to afford said treatments, and being brave enough to have another baby who seems to be ok ( I won't use "Normal"-such a vapid word); and a cat-lover since I was 4 yo and imported my first stray whom I named "Lazy" because she slept so much and now the human companion to 12 wonderful kitties ages 10 months to 17 years, and psychologist in full-time private practice for last 30 years after studying at American U and staying because I liked 4 seasons, coming from Southern California with mostly one season-HOT and Dry (no humidity though), and the only things i miss about California are California Oak trees which are very different than East Coast oaks, the Ocean and driving up Rte 1 , my daughter and her family who moved out their for a terrific job for her husband (sigh), the sappy smell of Monterrey pine trees which abounded all over CA. AND THIS IS THE PERFECT RUN-ON SENTENCE PROFILE BECAUSE I AM OUT OF GAS.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Besides being well-trained and competent in clinical psychology, I am well-rounded: I see all ages having chosen to specialize in children from tots to teens and adults from young to geriatrics. I like diversity and life often presents families with all ages and I enjoy the pleasure and challenge of seeing both individuals and groups (families or couples or siblings). Additionally, I am holistic and combine traditional Insight-0riented talk therapy with Ericksonian and Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapeutics, EMDR, Energy Works (i.e., EFT, TAT, Reiki, Healing Touch, Essential Oils), Bibliotherapy, and Pet Therapy (for those who can tolerate cats which abound here in my home offices).

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

Psychoanalytic Insight-Oriented Talk Therapy Ericksonian Hypnotherapeutics Energy Works (Usui, Karuna, Kundalini and Gold Reiki; Healing Touch; Essential Oils) & combing Hypnosis with Energy Work

What are you proud of in your practice?

That most people, adults, teens, and children, find it easy to talk to me and become comfortable and feel at ease within the first session. I am not only competent and highly trained, I am very human, empathetic, down-to-earth and folks find it easy to relate to me. People usually start feeling better and are able to get down to the hard work of figuring out their problems' solutions.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

"Everything is connected to everything," it has been said. So I try not to have favorites. Putting it another way, we all have to deal with mind/body/spirit/energy dimensions which are all related and interactive. So I never assume when I first meet someone that their problem is mostly or only psychological. Rather I ask and listen for those other dimensions. And I often tell the children's story of Albert the Turtle's Toothache. Briefly, little Albert woke up one morning with a toothache. He did not feel like eating his moth and ladybug breakfast. His brothers and sisters kidded him he couldn't have a toothache and were just as glad to eat his food. He went to school a little sad. When he returned he moped and at dinner he still did not feel like eating. His father gave him a lesson about how turtles have no teeth and therefore he could not possibly have a toothache, so buck up and do not lie!. The next morning, Albert did not get up and go to school but stayed in bed. When grandmother turtle came over later she asked mother turtle how all her little turtles were. Mother turtle responded that she was a little worried about Albert. Well, Grandma Turtle went in to see and she asked Albert how he was. He almost did not say anything for fear of being laughed at, or ridiculed, or called a liar. He muttered. Granny said, "What, I cannot hear you, dear. Speak up!" And so Albert screwed up all his courage and said,"Granny, I have a toothache!" and Grandma Turtle did not laugh. She did not ridicule or make fun of Albert. She did not give him a lecture about not having teeth. She did not call him a liar. Rather she asked him,"Show me where it hurts, my little turtle." And Albert lifted up his hind foot and pointed to the mouse's tooth that was still in his toe after the mouse bit him! And it hurt and he did have a toothache-a mouse toothache! So you can have a toothache even when you do not have teeth. I try to listen to a person's story about his or her toothache because I have learned that toothaches are not always where or what or how you might expect them to be. But they always are fascinating communications from the unconscious and need to be listened to with respect. So this is by way of saying that I find and invite each person I work with to also ponder and wonder about his/her symptom and follow it where it may lead us.