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Effective psychotherapy helps people make meaningful changes that improve their lives. A good therapist should, first and foremost, be able to help you reduce the immediate distress that has pushed you to look for treatment. Once that initial relief is accomplished, the way is then cleared to focus on the bigger-picture of your life: your beliefs and feelings about yourself and others, your interpersonal style, the usual ways in which you protect yourself from getting hurt, the influence of your childhood experiences, and many other factors, all with the aim of facilitating lasting improvements in quality of life. Therapy works best when it is tailored to the personality and the individual needs of each client. Rather than relying on just one of the many modern approaches to psychotherapy, I pull from several disciplines, including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral, which I believe yields faster and longer-lasting results. In my career I have conducted more than 26,000 psychotherapy sessions and I have helped people from all walks and stages of life, education levels, sexual orientations, diagnoses, and presenting problems. I am confident my deep experience will benefit you if you decide to take me on as your therapist.