Find the top-rated psychologists in Indianapolis

Jinger Atteberry-Bennett's Practice

1093 N Meridian St, Suite 180, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Jinger Atteberry-Bennett is an Indianapolis psychologist who particularly deals with children as well as the parents. As a child psychologist in Indianapolis, she makes sure that during psychological therapy her approach is very gentle. Children are fragile and it takes a certain kind of skill to deal with them. Dr. Atteberry-Bennett has honed this skill over the years. Schedule an appointment to get a proper treatment plan today.

Alisa Jill Faust-Halle's Practice

6060 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Alisa Jill Faust-Halle is among the few psychologists in Indianapolis who uses cognitive behavioral therapy. She graduated with honors from Florida Institute of Technology. This Indianapolis psychologist strives to provide confidential, caring, practical, and supportive guidance to her patients. Her expertise includes anger, stress, and pain management. She offers psychological therapy for depression, anxiety disorders​, and more.

William D. Alexy's Practice

6110 Meridian West Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46208
William D. Alexy, Indianapolis psychologist, is nothing less of an expert in counseling psychology. This doctor is considered by many of his patients and peers as one of the most compassionate and reliable psychologists in Indianapolis. Throughout his sessions, Dr. Alexy keeps sincere interest in his patients and how to help them develop a clearer understanding of themselves. Thus, his patients are able to deal with the issues they face.

David Marsh Buckingham's Practice

8202 Clearvista Parkway, Suite 6A, Indianapolis, IN 46256
David Marsh Buckingham is a psychologist in Indianapolis. In his practice, he has made it a goal to help people with their concerns. Together with the patient, this Indianapolis psychologist discusses the course of the treatment to give the patient an overview and total knowledge of the psychological therapy. Make an appointment in order to avail of his counselling services. The clinic is open to new patients.

John Patrick Gallagher, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, HSPP

5524 South Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Dr. John Gallagher is the Indianapolis psychologist who provides effective counseling psychology in a comfortable and safe environment. Counseling with this psychologist in Indianapolis is meant to find practical solutions to one’s problems. He delivers counseling to individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Gallagher also prides himself in giving quick solutions. Most issues are resolved in six sessions alone.

Paula Michelle Gardner's Practice

7662 South U.S. 31, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Dr. Paula Gardner understands that seeing a clinical psychologist in Indianapolis can be intimidating. This Indianapolis psychologist assures her patients that seeing her is a smart step to resolving an issue. Dr. Gardner does not judge a person for whatever is bothering them. Her only concern is to help that person feel relaxed and open to discovering oneself more. She offers assessment, evaluation, consultation, individual and couples therapy.

Kimberly Jo Moran's Practice

734 Sherwood Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Dr. Kimberly Jo Morgan has worked in the field of counseling psychology for over 22 years. In her experience, this Indianapolis psychologist first catered to children alone. But as she grew in her career, she is now skilled in handling counseling for people of all ages. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her sessions. Dr. Morgan is part of a group of psychologists in Indianapolis who value their patients' overall well-being.

Beth Louise Fineberg's Practice

2020 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Beth Fineberg offers her patients a new perspective to address recurring issues. It is her belief that with a new perspective, clients gain new possibilities. This Indianapolis psychologist makes use of two mixed approaches, psychoanalytic and cognitive behavioral therapy in sessions. Her goal is to work with the client towards self-discovery. This psychologist in Indianapolis maintains great compassion for her clients even after 40 years.

Thomas Austin Smith's Practice

617 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Dr. Thomas Austin Smith, one of the better-known​ psychologists in Indianapolis, is an expert in using counseling psychology to address his patients' problems. This Indianapolis psychologist uses different approaches in therapy to better address a particular patient's concerns. Each person is unique in his way of thinking and responding to therapy; Dr. Smith adjusts his approach as he sees fit for the patient.

Leanne Foli Malloy's Practice

3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222
Leanne Foli Malloy's talent lies in the counseling psychology she has dedicated her life to. Dr. Malloy's patients have shared their experiences with her. They've said how this Indianapolis psychologist quickly helps them resolve their problems. She helps them see things in a new light, giving them a clearer solution to whatever they face. Other Indianapolis psychologists consult with Dr. Malloy, thanks to her skills in psychotherapy.

Paul Lysaker's Practice

1481 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Dr. Paul Lysaker is part of the MERIT Institute, an institution dedicated to the research and development of MERIT psychotherapy, unlike other Indianapolis psychologists. In line with that goal, this Indianapolis psychologist continues his study and the spread of knowledge. He has printed numerous journal articles, book chapters, and books on psychopathology. His approach to clinical psychology is restructuring the lives of patients.

Kimberly S. Gorman's Practice

6640 Intech Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46278
Kimberly Gorman has a practice in Indianapolis focused on improving the psychological well-being of patients. This clinical psychologist in Indianapolis offers counseling for different issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Dr. Gorman has a way of handling therapy sessions that helps her patients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they want to do. This Indianapolis psychologist gives them a new perspective.

Paul Frederickson's Practice

6640 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Indianapolis psychologist, Dr Paul Frederickson is respected in his community due to his excellent people-skills. Being a clinical psychologist, Dr Frederickson is an expert in relating with people who need counselling services or rehabilitation psychology, and ensures his patients' comfort and privacy, along with the productive resolution of issues. As a psychologist in Indianapolis, he helps patients gain a new perspective.