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Barbara Velazquez', Ph.D

Let us help you find the perfect psychologist


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Clients usually find that I am warm, personable and non-judgmental. I use a combination of insight and cognitive strategies that help the client understand the source of their difficulties while providing practical approaches for change. In addition, I help clients who are experiencing a lack of purpose in a society often devoid of true meaning. I am also an experienced Myers Briggs practitioner which I use to help my clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others in their home, family and work environment. I believe that one of the most important achievements in life is to live authentically by honoring your true self, and expressing it in the world. Living an authentic congruent life means living a life that is consistent with your values. The key to living such a life is self awareness, vision and motivation. For many, economic pressures and societal expectations make it even more difficult to take control of your destiny and be who you truly are. The inability to live authentically may contribute significantly to many mental health issues including depression, anxiety, chronic frustration and anger.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

I believe in what I do. Each time I help a client discover their life's purpose, overcome depression and anxiety, remove blockages, express their true nature, pursue their vision of a better world; my own life becomes richer, more authentic. One aspect of my own life's purpose is to help others achieve their higher potential.

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