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Best of 2018 - Psychologists in Orlando, FL

Here is the definitive list of Orlando's psychologists as rated by the Orlando, FL community. These professionals have received great reviews from customers for psychology related appointments. Find out who made the cut and schedule an appointment today!
Crescent Therapy and Assessment Services, LLC, is a registered psychologist in Orlando FL spearheaded by Dr Raena Baptiste-Bole. She has ten years of experience working with individuals of all ages. Focused on getting solutions, a multimodal approach is implemented. With this, counselling services offer a wide array of possible solutions with the sole purpose of finding the best treatment well suited for the individual.

Herdley O. Paolini is a psychologist in Orlando FL who practices clinical psychology with the aim of addressing the main problems of individuals. His practice has evolved and improved over the years. With his counseling sessions, clients are allowed to collaborate with the treatment plan thus, making therapy sessions interactive and a place for them to truly express themselves. Visit this Orlando psychologist for a mental health assessment.

As the leading psychologist in Orlando, Dr. Indira Abraham-Pratt is known for her counselling services. She is a child psychologist delving on childhood development and the psychological aspects of weight management in children as well as family systems therapy. She prides herself in her practice and makes sure that each client is approached in a sensitive matter, enabling the client to feel safe and relaxed.

Everyone's Counseling Center, Inc.

1021 East Robinson Street, Suite 250, Orlando, FL 32801
A not-for-profit private practice whose mission is to provide the highest quality of mental health services to all people within the community is what Everyone's Counselling Center, Inc was built for. Housed with an Orlando psychologist, therapists, and staff, they hold on to their commitment to serve what people need. They are there to listen and offer counseling services. They also have multiple centers with psychologists in Orlando FL.

Because of his diverse experience and genuine care for patients, Dr. John Grbac became a well-known and successful child psychologist in Orlando FL. This Orlando psychologist also specializes in the treatment of families and adolescents. He makes his patients feel relaxed and comfortable with his down-to-earth nature and child-friendly approach. Some of the issues addressed by Dr. Grbac are child behavior problems, autism, and parent assistance.

An Orlando psychologist, Dr. Karin Figueroa is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. She serves the Orlando community as well as the surrounding areas. This psychologist in Orlando offers counselling services and planned treatment care plans unique to the client. She thoroughly assesses individuals so that care is well-suited to the needs of the individual. She guides each client towards optimal mental health.

Dr. Wesley Scott Whitacre is a proud psychologist in Orlando FL. He takes his practice seriously and ensures client satisfaction. He personally sees to it that the care and treatment of each client who comes to the psychologist office are what he needs and deserves. The local psychologist is proud of the service he renders to the clients that visit him. He personally attests to the quality of service he gives.

Dr. Gregory Lucas is a local psychologist in Orlando who offers counseling services to individuals with an assortment of concerns. Counselling sessions are done to help the client manage their problems. He also teaches new coping strategies for the client. Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, work and/or school related concerns, sexual orientation, destructive behavior are among the problems he helps treat.

Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez is an Orlando psychologist who caters to the Orlando community as well as the neighboring towns. As one of the psychologists in Orlando, he treats clients with his expert skills through proper assessment and evaluation. There are a number of clients seeking help and in his psychologist office, they find an avenue to share their concerns and in the same way, the psychologist has the opportunity to treat them.

With positive reviews online, Dr, Adrian David Daisley, a psychologist in Orlando takes pride in the quality of service he offers. People who have problems and find it difficult to cope, come seeking help from this local psychologist. He offers counseling services to the clients and helps them find ways to cope and lead good quality lives. He carefully plans out these treatment plans and is known as one of the best Orlando psychologists.

Anne Brannon Jones's Practice

322 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801
Years of clinical psychology practice has led Dr. Anne Brannon Jones into being one of the top psychologists in Orlando. She sees each patient personally and offers care plans are suited to the client's needs. Psychological therapy is unique to the individual and the goal is to help them adapt and live good quality lives. As a leading Orlando psychologist, she promises to assist the client in whatever problem they are dealing with.

Having more than 25 years of experience in clinical psychology, Dr. Eric Scott Wiener is one of the best psychologists in Orlando. He is an Orlando psychologist committed to delivering unique, high-quality practical support and services in the Orlando area. Clients with psychological issues are properly assessed and evaluated. Treatments are suited for each individual because no two persons are the same and each regimen is well thought of.

With over twenty-four years of practice, this Orlando psychologist takes pride in the quality of care he gives his clientele. Dr. David S. Smiley's extensive knowledge of psychology makes him the go-to local psychologist in Orlando, Florida. As a registered psychologist, he manages each client with careful assessment and evaluation. Each care plan is unique to address the needs of the client and make adequate assessments on mental health.

Dr. David J. Fleischmann is a psychologist in Orlando. He has been in practice for quite some time which has honed his expertise in this field. Proper psychological therapy, as they say, takes on a two-way approach that comes from the psychiatrist as well as from the client. In said approach, this Orlando psychologist caters personally to his clients to allow each to express their feelings well, thereby applying proper counselling services.

As an Orlando psychologist, Richard Ivor Kainz specializes in attention deficit disorder / attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder / manic depressive disorder, depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, and sleep disorders. Counseling services are done meticulously and individually assessed, guiding each client towards their goals. This psychologist in Orlando takes his job seriously and does it effectively.

Grace Marin's Practice

3365 Robert Trent Jones Drive, Orlando, FL 32835
Dr. Grace Marin is a psychologist in Orlando. She has an excellent way of dealing with clients. She makes sure that the client feels comfortable with her. She approaches each one of them with an open mind, therefore, allowing a more understanding approach during counselling services. There are a lot of psychologists in Orlando FL but she is deemed unique, not only with her expertise but with the way she handles clients as well.

Pierre R. Lubold's Practice

716 North Fern Creek Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803
Dr. Pierre R. Lubold has been in practice for quite some time. Because of this, he has been known as one of the top psychologists in Orlando. He provides professional counseling, making sure that each treatment is carefully done and would bring great help to the client. As a certified Orlando psychologist, he devotes himself to helping the client deal with their problems and makes a safe haven for them to express their true feelings.