Find the top-rated psychologists in Portland

Tricia A Zigrang LLC

1220 Southwest Morrison Street, Suite 920, Portland, OR 97205
Dr. Tricia A. Zigrang has over 33 years of experience in her practice, making her one of the best and most experienced Portland psychologists today. Her goal is to assist her patients to achieve the personal growth they wish to have. She does this by providing a personalized approach for each of her patients to directly address concerns. This psychologist in Portland Oregon is highly trained in psychodynamic and solution-focused therapies.

Megan Ogle's Practice

1215 Southwest 18th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205
Megan Ogle, Psy.D. is a sought-after Portland psychologist who provides counseling psychology to adults 18 to 80+ years of age. Dr. Ogle prides herself in being able to work through a variety of psychological issues and stresses such as depression, trauma, relationship conflict, and the like. Dr. Ogle’s Portland psychology approach may be short-term, but her long-term counselling is more effective in assisting people with more chronic issues.

Allies in Change

1815 Southwest Marlow Avenue, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97225
Allies in Change, led by the best Portland psychologists, encourages people to be their allies in preventing domestic violence through education. This non-profit organization of Portland psychology offers counselling services for individuals, couples, and groups. Problems such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD are commonly addressed here. The clinic brings about change and spurs on others to be part of its cause.

Pediatric Sensory Therapy

6635 North Baltimore Avenue, Suite 228, Portland, OR 97203
Portland psychology center Pediatric Sensory Therapy focuses on achieving occupational therapy goals with the teamwork of caregivers and therapists. Portland psychologists here focus on developing the child's self-esteem, socialization, and self-regulation. Despite similar focal points, therapies administered by a resident child psychologist are individualized and adjusted to meet the family's needs. Sessions here are structured but always fun!

Ana Cragnolino's Practice

5440 Southwest Westgate Drive, Portland, OR 97221
Ana Cragnolino, a professional Portland psychologist, has been practicing with her colleagues Dr. Forster and Dr. Fulop since 2010. These skilled Portland psychology practitioners use a solution-focused therapy based on cognitive-behavioral treatment and cognitive coaching to help their patients attain stability in life. They also offer counseling services for young adults who struggling at the threshold​ of financial independence.

Mentor Professional Corporation

818 Northwest 17th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
Mentor Professional Corporation is a professional alternative to managed mental health care. This center of Portland psychologists offers psychotherapy, counseling, evaluation, consultation, training and community service. Each patient that walks in will be taken care of by a Portland Oregon psychologist and is sure to receive utmost confidentialty. The counseling services offered are guaranteed to cater to the needs of the patient.

Roger David Carlson's Practice

1838 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201
Dr. Roger Carlson has impressive credentials that prove he is an expert clinical psychologist. This Portland psychologist was the president of the Oregon Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has over 35 years of experience as a professor, and a number of his works have been published. This is only to name a few of his accomplishments. He uses his profound knowledge in Portland psychology to help adults achieve the life changes they want.

Sonja Brigitte Straub's Practice

325 Northwest 21st Avenue, Suite 201, Portland, OR 97209
Sonja Brigitte Straub's work in Portland psychology has made a significant impact in the community. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Straub has assisted many patients in achieving a happier life through therapy. She has helped her patients deal with various problems, such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and the other similar concerns. This Portland psychologist offers sincere concern and attentiveness to each client.

Brian Goff, Ph.D.

5200 Southwest Macadam Avenue, Suite 160, Portland, OR 97239
As a Portland psychologist, Dr. Brian Goff uses practical, interactive, and values-oriented therapy. The particular style he uses is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which has proven by him and other Portland psychologists to be effective in helping patients live life with renewed vigor. This clinical psychologist offers support and direction to his patients to help resolve their problems and prevent the problems from lingering.

Steven Allan Waksman's Practice

5441 Southwest Macadam Avenue, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97239
Dr. Steve Allan Waksman, PhD has over 30 years of experience as a Portland psychologist specializing in treatment of behavior disorders, learning disabilities, and marital issues, to name a few. His counseling services include the assessment of ADD and other learning disabilities, extending his work to the school setting. Aside from being a certified school psychologist, he conducts various workshops for Portland psychology.

Kathy Irene Marshack's Practice

700 N Hayden Island Dr, Suite 274, Portland, OR 97217
Dr. Kathy Marschack's impressive credentials speak of why patients can trust this Portland psychologist. With over 35 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Marschack consistently delivers effective therapy for married couples, families, people with Asperger's Syndrome, and businessmen. The bottom line​ is Dr. Marschack uses her Portland psychology clinic to help patients find happiness.

Carol Jo Stuart's Practice

2188 Southwest Park Place, Suite 205, Portland, OR 97205
Carol J. Stuart has her own Portland psychology center that focuses on psychoanalysis and psychotherapy for adults. This Portland psychologist is particularly interested in assisting patients in life transitions, cultural/social issues affecting self-esteem, dreams, and grief, among many others. Her psychological therapy aims to obtain a deeper understanding of oneself, rather than to find a solution for a problem.

Donald Dale Cohen's Practice

511 Southwest 10th Avenue, Suite 604, Portland, OR 97205
Donald D. Cohen comes from a mixed background in psychology. His experience as a Portland psychologist comes from different disciplines, various mental health settings, and superiors with diverse disciplines as well. These contrasting experiences resulted in Dr. Cohen being one of the better known Portland psychologists. His work now is primarily focused on couples therapy, although he also serves individuals using psychotherapy.

Jeffrey D. Sher's Practice

1220 Southwest Morrison Street, Suite 935, Portland, OR 97205
Dr. Jeffrey Sher has over 25 years of experience as a Portland psychologist. He believes that each person is the maker of their lives, that decisions made can either lead to a fulfilling life, or these decisions can cause pain. During those times of turmoil, Dr. Sher utilizes his degree in clinical psychology to help his patients recover from the pain and make sense of what happened. He also provides supervision to other Portland psychologists.

Anne K. Robertson's Practice

3583 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232
Dr. Anne K. Robertson is an excellent Portland psychologist who has served her community in various life-altering problems. She has assisted numerous people in dealing with issues such as depression, relationship problems, and trauma, to name a few. This amazing clinical psychologist owns her own Portland psychology clinic to ensure she can serve as many people as she can. She is exceptional not only for her skills but also for her compassion.

Richard Scott Colman's Practice

2455 NW Marshall St, Suite 14, Portland, OR 97210
Richard Scott Colman offers clinical psychology in his humble Portland psychology clinic. His clinic is recognized throughout the community as one with a reliable Portland psychologist who does everything in his abilities to guide the client to a happier life. Dr. Colman uses different approaches with his patients, adjusting depending on his patients' particular needs. His sessions slowly guide the client to achieving personal growth.

Merrill Wagner Weyerhaeuser's Practice

2106 Northeast 40th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212
Being recognized as one of the top Portland psychologists has brought many expectations onto Dr. Merrill Wagner Weyerhaeuser. Despite the high expectations, the Portland psychologist meets them every time. There are many who can be reluctant in seeing a psychologist, but Dr. Weyerhaeuser makes those doubters feel relief, clarity, and growth in their sessions. Personal growth comes from dealing with problems like depression and grief.