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What are dentures?

A denture is a removable prosthesis designed to replace one or more missing teeth. They can restore the appearance of a natural smile – and boost your confidence. And they can make it easier to eat some foods, which could be difficult with missing teeth. But how much do dentures cost?

Millions of people use dentures every day. Think you might be a candidate? Book a dentist appointment to find out more information. 

What are the types of dentures?

Full dentures

In some situations, patients have lost all their teeth. In this case, a permanent denture is a complete set meant to replace their entire smile. It also helps restore facial dimensions. These complete dentures sit on top of the gums and are usually placed within 8-12 weeks of the teeth being extracted.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures can replace one or more teeth, and they are often made with acrylic and metal. The benefit of partial dentures is that you can keep your remaining teeth. They usually come out to about $1500.

There are many different denture materials to choose from, including resin base partial dentures and metal case partial dentures. The materials significantly vary in cost. Interim dentures can be very cheap and may cost somewhere around $700. However, it should be noted that interim dentures are a temporary solution and should be replaced as soon as possible with permanent dentures or dental implants.

Immediate dentures

There are some situations where you can receive an immediate denture. In these cases, immediate dentures are actually made before any teeth are extracted. This is incredible for one obvious reason; it means you go home with a full set of dentures on the same day their teeth are removed. These immediate dentures are prefabricated to fit your mouth specifically. You may want to find a dentist in your area that specializes in these kinds of dentures if you’re interested in this option, as not all dentists can provide immediate dentures.

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Immediate dentures work for patients who are simply not willing to go without teeth for any period of time. However, it should be noted that only particular candidates can receive immediate dentures.

Should I get permanent dentures?

Many patients opt for permanent dentures to improve their confidence and self-esteem. It can also be a decision made to improve their personal or professional life. Permanent dentures can improve speech as well. Dentures also serve to retain the shape of an individual’s face, which gives a more youthful appearance. After all, when a patient loses their teeth it can dramatically change the way that they look. Their face may look older or even “saggier” without permanent dentures.

One drawback when it comes to permanent dentures is that they require a decent amount of maintenance and strict oral hygiene. They’ll wear down and need to be replaced over time. 

How long do I have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

Typically, patients wait a period of 6 to 8 weeks after an extraction. This time allows for the mouth to heal. However, each patient is unique, and it may take a longer or shorter period of time for some.

How much does it cost to get all of your teeth pulled?

If you are hoping to get all of your teeth pulled for permanent dentures, you’ll be looking at $100 to $200 per tooth. That price could increase depending on the type of anesthesia that you need, and whether you have insurance will play a big factor as well. You may also want to ask your dentist about financing options.

Are dentures covered by insurance?

The answer is a bit complicated. It may not surprise you to find out partial dentures are more likely to be covered by insurance since they tend to be more affordable.

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If you want cheap dentures, there may be a chance your insurance provider will have a spending cap in place. Patients should consult with their insurance provider, because they may be able to get the cost of cheap dentures covered. Many of these providers have a spending cap of about $1000 or $1500, and this will likely only be enough for cheap dentures or partial dentures.

If you’re interested in actually purchasing false teeth, however, you’re going to have to shoulder some of the cost. You may want to ask your insurance provider if they sponsor relines.

How much does a full set of dentures cost?

There are some aspects to consider when it comes to the cost of partial or full dentures. The most important factor here is time. If it takes a significant amount of time to create your dentures, you can expect them to be more expensive.

Patients also need to understand there may be additional appointments needed that will increase the overall costs. Of course, if you require your dentures to be made within a specific period of time, you can also expect the cost to go up. However you go about it, be sure you have a clear idea about what exactly will be needed.

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Some patients might opt for additional oral health services in addition to the installation of dentures. Some associated procedures that will affect your total cost include a dental exam, diagnostic casts, tissue conditioning, x-rays, denture adjustments, and relining.

A set of conventional dentures will run about $1800 for a full set. You can find cheap dentures that might run as low as $300 to $500 per plate. If you’re interested in more high-end permanent dentures they can become a lot more expensive. Some patients opt for dentures that are customized to look as natural as possible, and may even be heat-cured. These more expensive permanent dentures can cost as much as $5000 to $8000.

How much do partial dentures cost?

Partial dentures might require some maintenance, but they are a great option for patients who are searching for cheap dentures. You may only require an upper denture or lower dentures if half of your mouth is in better shape. Of course, it is always best to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. 

If you are hoping to replace three teeth, partial dentures will cost somewhere around $700. The cost may increase to about $1000 for five or more teeth.

How much do implant-supported dentures cost?

Implant-supported dentures, often called snap-in dentures or simply implant dentures, are another excellent choice. This may fall outside of your budget if you’re looking for cheap dentures, but it’s something to consider.

These removable dentures preserve gum tissue and the jawbone, and are often better than permanent dentures when it comes to chewing ability. This may significantly improve a patient’s ability to eat, chew, and swallow specific foods. They also tend to be more comfortable than partial dentures or permanent dentures. Some would argue that implant-supported dentures also look more natural than permanent dentures.

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Implant-supported dentures will require implant surgery, so you must be prepared for that if you choose this option. There is also a good chance that they won’t be covered by dental insurance, as they are not low-cost. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, implant-supported dentures are unfortunately off the table. The average cost of implant-supported dentures is up to several thousand dollars.

How do I choose a good dentist for dentures?

Ultimately, you should do as much research as possible about dentists in your area. This might involve browsing reviews or even searching social media for more information about the best dental offices near you. You might also want to consider asking their friends about dentists that they have used. And of course, you can find an amazing dentist anytime with Opencare.

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