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Running a dental practice isn’t easy. From new customer acquisition to meeting regulatory requirements, running a dental practice can be a balancing act. Dental office technology can help. We’ve compiled a list of 5 technology for dentists examples that can lighten your load throughout various areas of your business. 


Knowing how to attract patients to your practice can be difficult. Depending on where you’re located, there could be several practices in your neighborhood to choose from and traditional marketing practices aren’t always enough to make you stand out.

As of 2018, 97% of consumers go online to find local services — welcome to the age of digital marketing!

If the thought of needing to become an expert in design, search engine optimization and social media marketing stresses you out, it’s time to find a tech solution that can do it all for you.

Opencare is a web-based platform that promises to help patients find an incredible new dentist in their area. Registering to be one of the dental practices featured on the platform can help you grow your practice, as Opencare take care of matching you with new patients. The platform complements your existing practice-management tools; providing a new way to find, communicate with, and schedule in new patients.

Worry-free insurance verification

Opencare takes the guesswork and effort out of insurance verification.

Manage Your Reviews

72% of people say the first step they take when searching for a new doctor or dentist is looking up online reviews, according to Software Advice. A few bad reviews can cause significant damage to your brand, whereas positive reviews will have patients lining up. Unfortunately, managing reviews can be a cumbersome task as there are so many platforms where your patients can leave good (or bad) ones.

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This is where a review management software comes in. These handy apps help you manage reviews across a range of platforms, including social media like Facebook. It will enable you to collect reviews in one place and respond to them quickly and efficiently!

Data Analytics

Your practice probably generates a tonne of data every day. Managing all that information can be complicated, so it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of storing the data away and forgetting about it! Many EHR software solutions have built-in analytical features but these can often be tricky to navigate. If this sounds familiar it might be time to consider investing in an analytics tool to help manage all that data.

Once you have a great analytics tool in place, you can use data to analyze the most important aspects of your dental practice; from service offerings to pricing structures and even patient experience. For example, do you know which season works better for price increases, which insurance companies are most frequently requested by your patients or the most/least frequent cancellation reason?

Modern Website Design and Structure

A great looking, easy to navigate website is essential for maintaining your brand. 80% of Internet users search for medical information online. This means that your current (and future) patients are already out there looking for healthcare information!

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A well-designed website can provide dental health info as well as practical details, like office hours, to patients. If you don’t already have a website that you can proudly share with people and link back to on social media, it’s time to get to work!

Top Tip: It’s more than likely that patients and prospective patients are browsing from a cell phone or tablet, rather than a desktop computer, so it is important to have a website that reconfigures itself automatically for all types of devices.

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a constant worry for any business in the healthcare industry. The penalties for noncompliance are significant, and managing all of the requirements can be difficult for those without a technical background.

HIPAA Compliance software solutions seek to simplify the compliance process. Typical features include employee training, risk assessments, policy designs, business associate agreements and employee education tracking.

The simple policy and procedure templates and useful checklists take the stress out of HIPAA compliance and allows you to focus your energy elsewhere!

Finding the right systems and tools can be tricky. But once you have them in place, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. Let us know what you think: How has dental office technology helped improve your business? Which software tools can you not live without in your practice?

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